Celeb coiffure: How to get the Beyoncé wob

Dive head-first into the ‘wob’ or wet bob trend with this easy DIY guide to securing the sexily slippery strands sported by Queen Bey in her steamy ‘Drunk in Love music’ vid

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Witness the wob! The Queen Bey with her new crown in a still from "Drunk in Love" 

We first noted a “wave” of wet hair, if you’ll pardon the pun, on the woefully bedraggled girls wobbling down the Spring 2014 runways – and it wasn’t a good look.

Yes, we freely admit that in retrospect, the wet-hair look made the succession of puny pubescent clotheshorses at Lincoln Center look like so many miserable drowned rats. No matter. We were prepared to shelf the trend under our list of follicular disasters, never to be repeated again … that is, until Beyoncé dropped her super-raunchy single, “Drunk in Love”.

Being helplessly compulsive beauty observers, we were instantly fixated by the diva’s debut of a shockingly sexy shorter ‘do, which was distinctly dishevelled and carelessly casual – a world of difference from the frighteningly overdone weaves donned during her Destiny’s Child days.    

When Beyoncé wore the same “wob” or wet bob during her Grammys performance, a new hair trend was officially born. (For what it’s worth, Miley Cyrus can also be seen rocking the same liquid locks on the March 2014 cover of W magazine.)

Only Beyoncé (read: A full-grown woman in her prime) could compel pop culture pundits to coin the cutesy term “wob” to describe her new look. Defining features of the wet bob are as follows: A chin-length chop, preferably in an ombré hue, with lots of scrunchy squiggling at the ends, as if you’ve just emerged from a dip in a sun-dappled pool.

Where to wear the wob? We strongly caution against waltzing into the boardroom with wet hair dripping down your Saint Laurent blazer; the wob is a strictly after-hours ‘do for downtown clubs and beachside bars.

Party girls, interest piqued? Listen very carefully. Here’s the single most important thing you need to bear in mind when weighing the odds of you pulling off the wob: Your bob isn’t actually wet with water – it just looks wet.

“Your hair cuticles are extremely porous and susceptible to water damage,” says Ark Lin, creative director of Air Salon. “That is why you should never keep your hair waterlogged for long periods of time.”

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From left: Bed Head by TIGI Control Freak Frizz Control & Straightening Serum, Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray and L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection

The solution? Use nourishing hair oils (yes, oils are omnipresent this year) to get the look. Here’s how, in four foolproof steps:

1. Start with post-shower, towelled off hair. Fortify your follicles by running them through your fingers with a heat-protective serum that also lends shine; try Bed Head by TIGI’s Control Freak Frizz Control & Straightening Serum. Using a diffuser, blow-dry until your head is almost but not quite bone-dry.

2. Next, feed your hair with a generous gloop of nutritious hair oil. We like L’Oréal Paris’ Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection, which gives a great sheen and offers nifty sun protection to boot. To apply, warm up the elixir in your palms, then work it in from the tips, massaging all the way to the roots. Because more of the glistening golden goodness is deposited at the ends, your hair remains “wet” longer.  

3. Grab a comb with moderately girthed teeth and run it through your tresses, separating the strands into inch-length sections. When you’re done, ditch the comb and use your fingers to muss up the ends, twisting and twirling at random.

4. By now, your head of hair should be looking quite lustrous indeed. Finish off with a blast of high-shine setting spray, such as Bed head by TIGI’s Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray. If you have particularly unruly hair, “spot spray” over the tousled ends framing your face to fix them in place.

Viola! Your very own beach-ready Beyoncé wob. Now, we know you must be concerned about frizz in our climate – and quite rightly so. To keep your mop music video-worthy, Ark Lin advises you to resist the urge to play with your hair: “Fiddling with your fringe introduces pockets of humid air, upping the likelihood of it becoming crunchy and unwieldy.”

A hairdo that actively encourages you not to touch up at regular intervals? We’ll take it! Now, if only squeezing ourselves into Beyoncé's sassy little outfits were this easy ...

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