We know quite a lot of online hacks that ultimately fail when we actually get down to doing them. (Cookie monster cupcakes, irritating talc powder falsies and blotchy nail art, anyone?) So we’re mostly skeptical when it comes to beauty hacks that claim to “change your life forever”.

But this one – which went viral awhile back – on using red lipstick to conceal dark eye circles, actually makes sense, and looks pretty feasible too.

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Suno New York Spring 15

Here’s why it’ll work and how you should go about doing it:

It’s logical
Remember the colour wheel? Where colours placed directly opposite each other “cancel out”? It follows the good ol’ colour correcting principle – the red lipstick neutralises bluish under eye circles. If there are slightly more purple tones to your dark circles, a yellow corrector might work better for you.

It all depends on your skin tone
While many YouTubers and beauty bloggers have used red lipstick in their trials, it may not work for all skin tones. In general, red lipstick tends to work for those with a darker skin tones. If you’re fair, you might want to try something that leans a little closer to peach or coral, while those with a medium skin tone can try an orange-red.

WATCH: Beauty vlogger Missy Lynn gives advice on matching the right lipstick colour to your skin tone

All you need is a hint of colour
The reason why this hack fails for most is because of the amount of colour that’s been applied. Think of how pasty your skin looks when you’ve got too much green corrector on. It’s the same thing here: You’re not meant to turn the entire under eye area red – you’ll look like you’ve got a bad bruise. So just add a hint of colour; your skin should still be slightly visible when you’re done. An easy way to go about doing this is to choose a sheer lipstick, rather than a heavily pigmented one.

WATCH: Beauty vlogger Ellko struggled to make red lipstick work for her in the beginning – she put on too much, and it was the wrong shade. Here, she tries the beauty hack again with a peach-coloured lipstick.

The finish of your lipstick matters, too
A matte lipstick will make your under eye area look dry for sure, and any concealer that goes on after will most probably crease and cake. Likewise, too moisturising a lipstick will easily slip and slide, coupled with the eye cream you (should) have applied. So find one that has a satin finish – not too glossy, not too matte – it’ll cling onto your concealer, but it won’t dry out your eyes either.

So, have you tried this beauty hack, and has it worked for you? Let us know what you think.