Camilla Belle has perfect brows

Camilla Belle has “amazing brows” that always look “very pristine”, according to a top beauty expert.

The American actress is famed for her exotic beauty and regularly sports naturally statement eyebrows.

Brett Freedman tends to the brunette beauty’s brows and says she is a joy to work with.

“Camilla has amazing brows. With her less is more,” he explained in an interview with Beauty High.

“I clean out in between and the strays that are very outside of the realm of the rest of the denser brow. I brush her brows up and snip the very tips off with a tiny pair of scissors. This helps to ‘de-bulk’ a brow and keep it looking tidy. Be careful not to trim too much. You want the brow hair to have enough length to lay naturally. I use a touch of brow gel to keep her brows very pristine with an ‘up and out’ brush up.”

Brett has given his top tips on getting and maintaining the perfect shape. The beauty pro says regular attention to brows will keep them looking lovely.

“Keep tweezers handy. I always tell gals to touch up their brows once a week. Thursday or Friday is best so they are polished and perfect for the weekend. It’s easier to take seven hairs out once a week than 28 once a month. Plus, you won’t lose your shape. When they are just growing in it’s very obvious what needs to go,” he advised.

“Get your brow done by a pro the first time. I tend to tell gals to not just have their bikini waxer do their brows. It’s a whole other thing. Really research. See gals with great brows and find out where they go. When in doubt, less is more… just do a very basic clean up. Leave the shaping to a pro and you take the wheel to keep tidy in between. If you feel you are losing your shape, make an appointment and get a brow re-boot to stay on track!”  © Cover Media