LONDON – Chief creative officer Christopher Bailey has teamed up with British band The Feeling to record a soundtrack to go with the label’s new fragrance, Burberry Body. The campaign is fronted by supermodel-and-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

"Music is a hugely important facet of the Burberry world,” Christopher explained to “With the launch of Burberry Body we wanted to create an iconic soundtrack that reflects the sensuality and attitude of the fragrance. 

“We worked with The Feeling, a band that I have long admired. This exclusive version captures the mood and spirit of the Burberry Body campaign perfectly."

British band The Feeling (above top) and in the Abbey Road studio (above) recording the Burberry track for Burberry Body

The track is an acoustic reworking of the band’s original track Rosé. It was recorded at legendary studio Abbey Road and will be released on October 10 along with a promo filmed at the studio.

Lead singer Dan Gillespie Sells was flattered to be asked to work with Burberry.

“It’s great that Rosé has been rediscovered like this, and it was an honour to work with Burberry on this campaign; the brand that has a great connection with music." Dan explained. 

"We kept it very simple, but the strings give it a feeling of refinement and also heighten the emotions in the song." © COVER MEDIA