It’s common knowledge that well-shaped brows frame and balance the face. But more than that, your brows are also indicators of your emotions. Your brows tell people if you’re surprised, sad or angry. So it’s important not to take your brows for granted.

It doesn’t matter if your brows are sparse and patchy, been over-tweezed or have faded with age, the good news is that you can face the world with confidence once again thanks to Browhaus and its Brow Resurrection services, because everyone deserves perfect brows.


Not convinced? These four #BrowhausReady winners share their brow stories.


Gladys (Tried: Brow Resurrection Classic)

Brow Resurrection Classic
Likes: A fitness enthusiast who likes judo, boxing and hitting the gym.
Brow woes: Sparse and uneven brows — the right brow is more arched than the left.
Biggest Brow Fear: A frequent brow powder user, Gladys worries that her powdered brows will not withstand her intense workouts.
#BrowhausReady: Natural looking brows that perfectly frame the face, Gladys no longer worries about “disappearing brows” after every gym session.


Phyllis (Tried: Brow Resurrection Soft)

Brow Resurrection Soft
Likes: Painting, chilling at the beach, interacting with people and doing volunteer work.
Brow woes: Sparse and inconsistent brows.
Biggest brow fear: Non-existent brows when she’s out in the sun.
#BrowhausReady: No more worrying about getting the shape right and consistent, Phyllis’ new brows shaves time off her morning routine so she’s got more time to enjoy life.


Jia Hui (Tried: Brow Resurrection Full)

Jia Hui
Brow Resurrection Full
Likes: A content strategist who enjoys swimming on the weekends.
Brow woes: Unkempt brows.
Biggest brow fear: Not looking her best in front of the camera due to messy brows, which is an integral part of her job.
#BrowhausReady: Perfectly defined confidence-boosting brows that allow Jia Hui to be camera-ready in a jiffy.


Hui En (Tried: Brow Resurrection Ombre)

Hui En
Brow Resurrection Ombre
Likes: An active individual who loves to dance, paint and do outdoor water sports.
Brow woes: Faint and sparse brows.
Biggest brow fear: Thinks she looks like a ‘gremlin’ with her hardly-there brows, especially when she’s doing water sports.
#BrowhausReady: No more worrying about “disappearing brows” and feeling self-conscious with customised brows that shape the face.


The key to Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection is in its special micro-blading technique that creates natural-looking strokes, mimicking the strands of brow hair. Using 100 percent vegetable dyes, the result is a finer finish compared to other semi-permanent brow services, with life-like strands of hair for full, natural looking brows that look like you were born with it.

More importantly, Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection is completely safe and hygienic. Each tool comes individually sealed, sterilised and is then disposed of after every session. In addition, every Browhaus therapist undergoes a strict four to eight-week training programme at the Browhaus Training School. And to date, Browhaus has resurrected more than 150,000 brows globally.

For brows on fleek, there are four different Brow Resurrection treatments to choose from:

  • Classic — A defined brow look
  • Soft — A soft, natural look
  • Full — A full brow look
  • Ombre — A full brow look with a gradient base

Whether you want to go bold or prefer something more natural, Browhaus is here for you. After all, why be ordinary when you can be an original?

Want to find out more? Visit to discover more real-life #BrowhausReady stories or simply sign up for a slot to try it for yourself.



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