More than just a buzzword, sustainability has been gaining significant traction in the beauty industry. Consumers, too, are opting for planet-friendly options. A 2021 Nielsen report found that sustainability is a growing trend with many seeking out environmentally conscious beauty products. Natural ingredients, reusable and recyclable packaging and sustainable sourcing of ingredients are just some of the ways beauty brands have been championing the green movement. One such trailblazer in sustainability is French fashion house Chloé. Its new Eau de Parfum Naturelle is an extension of the Maison’s brand ethos.

The first is by using 100 per cent natural origin ingredients sourced via sustainable harvesting. The soul of every perfume is its ingredients with rose being the heart of Eau de Parfum Naturelle. These roses were grown on an organic farm in Bulgaria while other carefully selected ingredients such as citron and neroli essences were harvested from sustainable plantations in Morocco and Italy.

The packaging of Chloé’s Eau de Parfum Naturelle also reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Designed with clean lines and waves inspired by the sunray pleating, the perfume’s glass bottle is made with 25 per cent recycled materials. Adorning the bottle is a pretty green-grey polyester ribbon made completely out of recycled materials before it is housed in a cardboard box made with 40 per cent reclaimed materials, thereby showcasing how nature and luxury can become one.

For extra bonus points, the vegan scent is also nasties-free with no fillers or artificial colourings. Eau de Parfum Naturelle just contains natural origin ingredients suspended in naturally derived alcohol and water – a feat in its own right.

Sustainability aside, the scent of Eau de Parfum Naturelle is equally alluring. The fragrance was created by celebrated perfumer Michel Almairac to celebrate femininity that’s in perfect harmony with nature – a woman who draws strength from nature while seeking to protect it.

Rose is the focal scent of the fresh floral Eau de Parfum Naturelle where it is joined with neroli and the uplifting freshness of citron and blackcurrant buds. Soft, sunny mimosa absolute then amplifies the warmth of cedar base notes to ground the fragrance, thereby creating a bold yet classy woody scent that captures attention for hours.

Every purchase of Chloé’s Eau de Parfum Naturelle also encourages you to live more sustainably. For starters, a packet of wildflower seeds will be given with each purchase where you can grow your own petunia, snapdragon and Forget-Me-Not flowers. These blooms symbolise comfort, grace and inner strength during trying times, and true, undying love and remembrance respectively.

You’ll also receive a reusable furoshiki wrap with your purchase of Eau de Parfum Naturelle, in which you can decide whether to wrap the perfume as a gift or keep it for your own usage. The gifts with purchase are only available, while stocks last, at Sephora ION, Sephora Westgate, Takashimaya, TANGS at Tang Plaza, TANGS at VivoCity, Metro Paragon, Metro Causeway Point, BHG Bugis, Isetan Scotts.

Chloé’s new Eau de Parfum Naturelle has made strides to reduce its environmental impact by focusing on ethically-sourced natural origin ingredients and the use of recycled materials so that we can all smell and feel our best while working towards a more sustainable future.

The Chloé Naturelle Eau de Parfum is available in four sizes: 10ml ($40, only available at Sephora), 30ml ($131), 50ml ($179) and 100ml ($251) and is sold at Sephora, Takashimaya, TANGS at Tang Plaza, TANGS at VivoCity, Metro Paragon, Metro Causeway Point, BHG Bugis, and Isetan Scotts.

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