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A new ‘scent society’ made its debut in Singapore last December. This fragrance subscription box gives its members access to 15 exquisite artisan perfumes from Code Deco, as well as a growing collection of more than 40 archived fragrances. Here are six reasons we’re in love with this new Club Code Deco concept.

#1 Subscription-Based Scents
Similar to Netflix’s DVD package, this subscription-based service sends three sample fragrances (3ml each) right to your doorstep every month. You won’t even need to step out of your house for your next beauty fix.

#2 Curated Perfumes
Think of it as having an expert personal beauty shopper. Curated by India-born and Singapore-based artisan perfumer Gauri Garodia, it takes the guesswork out of fragrance shopping.

#3 Private Collections
If you don’t fancy wearing the same perfume as every other woman, you’ll appreciate the insiders’ access this membership provides. It offers sneak previews of scents that have yet to released, as well as samples of private collections that aren’t available to the public at all.

Code Deco, perfume, fragrance, scent, beauty box, fragrance box, Singapore-based perfume

#4 Exotic Compositions
Don’t expect run-of-the-mill floral bouquets. Many of these exclusive scents include unusual pairings such as aluminium with yuzu in First Flight – concocted to evoke the exhilaration of a roller coaster ride. Others, like Anna M and Alhambra, were inspired by medieval Barcelona and abstract azure tones respectively.

#5 Personalised Trios
Members are encouraged to provide feedback via email, which will help the founder personally curate your trio of scents next month.

#6 Members’ Only Events
This club also includes exclusive invitations to olfactory-inspired events such as wine tasting and multi-sensory experiences at no extra charge.

Psst! Though Code Deco perfumes retail in New York, Hong Kong and India, this subscription-based olfactory service is currently exclusively available in Singapore. Membership is priced at $45 monthly.