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Blackpink are proving to be head-turners in the beauty chart too. Two members of the South Korean girl group are in the top five of TCCAsia’s Most Beautiful Faces in Asia 2020 list, with Lisa sitting pretty at No. 1, a title she has held since 2019.

Jennie is at No.5 while the other two members of Blackpink are not that far back, at positions 8 (Rose) and 9 (Jisoo).

The other slots in the top five are filled by Chinese actress of Uyghur ethnicity Dilraba Dilmurat (4), Chinese actress Angelababy (3) and South Korean rapper Moonbyul (2).

TCCAsia’s parent company is TC Candler, which has rated the world’s top male and female lookers since 1990. 

As Blackpink’s Lisa ranks as Asia’s most beautiful woman, we take a look at her best beauty looks and the top beauty tips you can learn from the Thai native:

#1: Less Is More

In her campaign visuals for Moonshot Cosmetics, Lisa is seen wearing a minimal amount of makeup that perfectly accentuates her features without piling on thick and heavy makeup.

With just a touch of soft shades of pink on her lids and lips, plus a slick of brown eyeliner on her upper lash, Lisa sends the clear message that sometimes, minimal makeup makes the maximum impact.


#2: Feel Free To Switch Things Up


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While Lisa is known for her cascading locks, she’s never one to shy away from giving new looks a try. Seen here on her Instagram feed in a bob-style wig, it is a drastic change from her signature look with zero commitment.

Whether this inspires you to chop off your locks or get your hands on wigs, this shows that what matters when it comes to experimenting with beauty is to have fun while doing so!


#3: A Red Lipstick Changes Everything


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Whether you’re prepping to head for a night out, a dinner date or just because you feel like it, a red lipstick instantly makes your lips pop and adds confidence.


#4: Opt For A Textured Ponytail 


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If you’re looking for new ways to wear your long hair, try a textured ponytail. Not only is it easy to achieve on your own, but it is also super versatile and can take you from day-to-night.

All you have to do is tease the hair at the top of your head for added volume. Next, gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure it, wrapping a piece of your hair around it.

Then, flat iron the remaining ends and tease the ends to create texture and volume.


#5: Master The Perfect Cat-Eye


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There’s nothing quite as classic as the perfect cat-eye. And no matter what your eye shape is, the perfect flick can define your eyes and lift your features.

Plus, you can dress it down for everyday wear or play it up for an exaggerated effect too. All you need is a waterproof eyeliner, a steady hand and loads of practice.


#6: Healthy Hair Is Beautiful Hair 


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If you have long hair like Lisa, you’ll know that it’s often subjected to dryness, tangles and even breakages. And if you don’t give it adequate TLC, long hair is more prone to become damaged and dull.

Take your cue from Lisa and keep them in tip-top condition so it looks shiny and healthy. Choose a repairing shampoo and don’t skip the conditioner and mask routine.

Keep a hair serum or a hair oil by your bed so you never forget to apply it, by spreading it along the lengths, focusing on the ends and avoiding the roots. And as a last touch of your getting-ready routine, spritz on a finishing spray that locks in shine and blocks out humidity so your tresses stay sleek and smooth.

#7 Add a touch on pink on your lids for extra glam

If you’re rushing out of the house, you probably won’t have time for an intricate eye look that requires tonnes of blending. Instead, opt for a quick 2-minute eye look and sweep your favourite coral eyeshadow (these are the fun eyeshadows to try, according to makeup artist Larry Yeo) onto your lids. If you’re thinking about adding extra glam, pop a translucent shimmery shade over the pink with your fingertips.

Here’s a tip if you’re on-the-go and didn’t pack eyeshadow: pop your blush on your lids instead. It’ll tie the whole look together and add some colour onto your lids without having to lug a large eyeshadow palette around.

#8 Don’t like red? Opt for hot pink lips instead

If you’ve been catching up on Korean celebs’ looks these days, you’ll notice that they’ve been steering away from the classic red and have been opting for other fun shades like pink (these are the pink lipstick shades that work for Asian skin). Here, the K-pop star is rocking a hot pink shade that makes her lips pop instantly.

When wearing such a bright shade on your lips, don’t forget to give your pout a good scrub beforehand to ensure that the lipstick glides on smoothly and effortlessly. Pop on a clear gloss after too so your lips will look extra luscious and shiny. 

#9 Long, luscious lashes tie everything together

There’s a reason why eyelash extensions have become more popular than ever. That’s because rocking long, thick lashes really helps to glam up your entire makeup look without having to spend much time on the eyes.

If you’re not keen on maintaining eyelash extensions, opt for a good mascara that not only lengthens your lashes, but thickens them too. Start right at the root of your lashes to give the illusion that you’re wearing eyeliner, and don’t forget to give some TLC to your lower lashes as well.

#10 Aqua blue eyes are all the rave

Black liners are out and coloured liners are in, especially in blue shades like the one Lisa is rocking in this up-close photoshoot with Nylon China.

To recreate Lisa’s eye look, opt for a blue pencil liner instead of a liquid liner, so you can easily blend the colour out to give it a smoky, laidback look. Top it all off with a couple of mascara coats and a dash of shimmery eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eye. And if you’re not a fan of blue, try doing the same thing with light pink or even violet instead.

#11 Wispy bangs will change up your whole look

Feathered bangs are a great hair style to try if you’ve been looking to commit to bangs but are afraid of comitting to a bold look. They suit most face shapes and are much easier to style as opposed to thick, full fringes. They work for most hair lengths as well, but we’re partial to a French-style wavy bob like how Lisa has here.

#12 Take inspiration from the ‘2000s

As Y2K hairstyles have been popping off on TikTok, space buns have slowly come back into mainstream media as seen on celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Lisa. We loved how Lisa toned down the youthfulness of the look by styling it with a tuxedo blazer.