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The labels “natural” in skincare and beauty products are popping up everywhere, from your favourite drugstore shelves to the beauty counters in the department stores. So you figure you could just DIY your own beauty products, since you can probably mix the natural ingredients you have in your kitchen to make your own beauty products. Well, yes. But take note that since these beauty products are made without preservatives, it’s best to use them up immediately or within the next couple of days because you wouldn’t want to put any spoiled stuff on your skin. And remember to do a patch test if you’re trying out your DIY beauty recipe for the first time.

Here, we pick five Youtube tutorials for different products that we think can be DIYed:


1. Lip plumper

Beauty guru Huda Kattan, who founded the cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, has a full playlist of 15 DIY beauty videos. We like this one where you can see the almost-immediate effect of the lip plumper that she mixed (a small tub of Vaseline with 10-15 drops of cinnamon essential oil). She also gives advice against using essential oils during pregnancy, and how you should avoid getting the DIY-ed lip plumper on other parts of your face because the essential oil may burn – which we think is pretty responsible. The only thing is, she’s a little vague on the exact ratio, though, because she recommends you try out different amounts of cinnamon essential oil to see which works for you.


2. Lip balm

This Youtube channel of a US-based parenting website has videos specially catered for busy parents. This means that their DIY lip balm tutorial (which has a whopping 12 million views!)  is a super easy tutorial to follow. And the ingredient list is simple too – beeswax (available from Lazada and Shoppee, for example) and coconut oil in a one-to-one ratio. Other optional ingredients are simple – one teaspoon of vitamin E oil to nourish your lips, old lipstick for a colour tint, an essential oil such as peppermint to scent it, and you’re done! Plus, the host gives a tip to use less beeswax if you want to make a lip gloss, so there is room for experimentation.


3. Hair mask

Mamtha Nair is a Youtube vlogger who does a number of DIY beauty videos. We like this one on ginger hair oil because it is super easy to make, especially if you bottle the finished product in an amber bottle to protect the coconut oil from UV damage and oxidation, like what Mamtha recommended. Just two ingredients are needed – coconut oil and ginger. Coconut oil’s a tried-and-tested home remedy for dry, damaged hair with split ends (we all know that by now). Plus, ginger has great antioxidant properties and is said to increase blood circulation too. Used on the scalp, this DIY remedy is said to help encourage better hair growth too. This video has close to 5.5 million views, and mostly positive reactions in the comments section, so it’s a must-try for us. Mamtha also has a DIY onion hair mask which is also said to help to promote hair growth, but we prefer this since ginger smells way better than onions.


4. Facial mist

Nineteen-year-old Youtube blogger Kelsey Simone recommends a whole skincare routine using just natural products and DIY recipes for skincare in this video – coconut oil to remove makeup, a strawberry-sugar-honey face scrub, a peach-oatmeal-honey face mask, a shea butter-rosehip oil moisturiser and a rose water facial mist. The recipes are not exact, but this means you can experiment with the proportions to get a consistency that you prefer. To our own surprise, we like most of the DIY recipes here – strawberries are rich in antioxidants and have AHAs, so it’s great as an exfoliator; oatmeal is known to have skin-soothing properties; honey is antibacterial; rose water also helps calm and hydrate skin – but we would recommend doing a patch test with each of the recipes you are going to try.


5. Cheek stain

Vlogger-influencer Rachel Levin is one of the most popular Youtubers on the platform. Her channel has over 14 million subscribers (that’s half a million more than pop culture icon Lady Gaga (!) and this particular video has over 11 million views, so it seems like people would really like to know how to make their own cheek tint. Recipe-wise, we think Rachel did “cheat” a little by using store-bought tinted lip balms in it, but she did compare her homemade cheek stain with a Tarte one, taking them both for a trial run and the blendability and lasting power was about the same so it’s a win for Rachel (and those into DIY). Plus, we like that she actually reminded the viewers to disinfect the container with rubbing alcohol because we think that’s an essential step anytime you want to DIY a beauty product and store it for future uses.