OL lady MU b.png

Say “office lady makeup” and odds are you’ll think of taupe lids, the faintest of flush on the cheeks, maybe an apricot lippie if one’s feeling adventurous. Translation: Snoozefest.

Well, you’re not getting the same old, same old with Isao Ishii, international makeup artist for posh Japanese beauty brand Cosme Decorte. Ishii-san’s interpretation of an OL look is incredibly ingenious – it turns out purple eyeshadow is perfect for cubicle workers. Who knew?

Pro tip: Ishii-san says you should always, always slick on a lash-loving treatment before mascara – I know, investing in a dedicated eyelash serum may seem like overkill, but it’s not all that different from coughing up cash for conditioner to go with your shampoo.

Other bits and bobs you may find instructive: You should always use vertical brush strokes when highlighting your nose bridge, then switch to a horizontal window-wiping motion when blurring out creases under the eye. (Don’t worry, he’ll break it down for you in the video.)

Oh yeah, the good man of the hour also lets you in on his DIY nose-and-cheek toning mask: The secret, it seems, to the beguilingly bare dewiness so coveted in today’s K-Obsessed world.

The kicker? The verdict from our trusty, tough-as-nails videographer: “Yeah, this would look pretty great on most women, I think.” When a manly man’s man sheepishly admits to appreciating makeup, you know we’re on to something special!

Enough teasing. Click “play” on the video below, and and try it for yourself, pronto. You can thank me later!

The products used in this video tutorial are available at all Cosme Decorte counters. For more information, visit www.kose.com.sg/cosmedecorte and follow Cosme Decorte Singapore on Facebook.