The best way to turn your favourite moisturiser and sunscreen into foundation

All that coverage without any additional layers of makeup!

turn your favourite moisturiser and sunscreen into foundation - cover fx custom cover drops review singapore

Hot and humid weather makes layers of makeup or even skincare a little difficult to deal with. When you have too many things on your face, it can feel heavy and uncomfortable, or even make your face feel tacky. You might have the perfect foundation, but find that your skin needs more moisture underneath. Or you might have the perfect moisturiser and sunscreen, but find that the moment you apply BB cream or a foundation on top, the perfect finish gets ruined by a too-heavy foundation.

If you’ve perfected your morning skincare routine to the point of looking perfectly radiant but not oily, I can understand the reluctance to add a suffocating layer of foundation on top of that. That said, skincare alone isn’t enough coverage for most of us on a daily basis, and searching for the perfect tinted moisturiser or foundation can be a headache. 

Cover FX has been available for a while in Singapore, but only recently launched in Sephora at the new Ion Orchard outlet. If you haven’t heard of the brand until now, you need to get it on your radar, stat. The star product, Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, consists of bottles of extremely rich pigment that can be added to any medium – think primer, moisturiser or even sunscreen – to give it added coverage. 

One drop mixed in with your moisturiser should give you pretty decent coverage, and a little definitely goes a long way. I love that the range has many shades for various skin tones and undertones, and the shade match carries through with other ranges Cover FX has, like the cream and powder compact foundations. The Custom Cover Drops are a little too intense to be used on its own – it’s pretty much pure pigment, really – but it does a really nice job of giving you coverage without altering the formula of your moisturiser or sunscreen. It’s all you need for a quick DIY tinted moisturiser, and while pricey, a bottle of it will last you a really long time. 

Alternatively, the brand also has Custom Infusion Drops which will give your moisturiser or foundation a boost in terms of anti-ageing, hydration, or just radiance. I’m absolutely in love with this “customisable cosmetics” concept, and highly recommend going down to Sephora to get colour-matched.