Best sunscreen ever! Absolue UV Precious Cells Global Youth Protector B2 julia roberts.png

Julia Roberts may be basking in megawatt star power, but we’re betting she shies away from the sun! 

THE CLAIMS: Beauty queens of blue-blooded persuasion will be proper pleased with this splendid suncare addition to Lancôme’s legendary Absolue suite of prestige products. Said to be inspired by the finest of Louis XV’s French porcelain – hence the aristocratic opener – Absolue UV Precious Cells Global Youth Protector is a true treasure trove of beautifying botanicals, over and above its carefully calibrated mix of UVA and UVB filters.

To wit: Flax seed and corn extracts, both said to boast potent anti-pollutant and time-reversing powers, are combined with pro-xylane, beech tree-derived protein particles that Lancôme’s lab scientists say serve as moisture magnets for the skin.

The result? An elixir of a cream that promises to gird against sun-induced skin aging for up to 12 full hours and, as a beauty bonus, some pretty spectacular skincare results. Want stats? Here: More than 80 percent of Asian ladies say their complexion appears “fresher, more radiant and more even” after four weeks of use.

Best sunscreen ever! Absolue UV Precious Cells Global Youth Protector B1.png

WHY I LOVE IT: It’s no secret that I’m a skin snob; give me luxury or give me death! On that front, Absolue UV Precious Cells Global Youth Protector is as swanky as it gets: The premium product is packed with a prodigious amount of Lancôme rose oils, so that it spreads like a voluptuously scented floral balm.

Packaging-wise, this posh protector is ensconced in a very Instagram-friendly tube of matte rose gold, such that it virtually demands to take pride of place on your powder table. Maximum score for sheer sensorial satisfaction!     

I can also attest to its remarkably respectable SPF 50 PA++++ rating. A daily dollop was all I had on for a weekend of frolicking at the Hamptons (okay, fine, more like Siloso Beach) and I’m pleased to report that my skin remained the same shade of pale the Monday after.

Absolue UV Precious Cells Global Youth Protector isn’t tinted per se, but the difference is noticeable: My skin looks like my own, only better. Put this right on top of your list of go-to unguents for no-makeup makeup days: Think Sunday champagne brunches, when you want to look presentable without being preternaturally polished.

Best of all, this seriously sumptuous salve is highly hydrating and superbly smooth; if you’re staying indoors, a smidgen of this will do double duty as a thirst-quenching moisturiser. A must-have for the dog days ahead, use this multi-tasking marvel and see your complexion become as plump as the petals of the French brand’s fabled Absolue rose!

GET IT AT: Lancôme Absolue UV Precious Cells Global Youth Protector, $130 for 30ml, is available at all Lancôme counters. For more information, visit and follow Lancôme Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.