It’s our first Smart Shopper Slimming Awards, as tested by the Simply Her team.
Here are the best noninvasive body-contouring and slimming treatments – they give you results in just two weeks!

SimplyHer slimming awards 2013

Ultrasonic Lipo-lifting Slimming Two-week Programme by Estetica

Most Comprehensive Slimming Treatment
Winner: Estetica’s Ultrasonic Lipo-lifting Slimming Two-week Programme ($4,088 for seven sessions, 120 minutes per session)
Call 1800-333-9393 for outlet listings, or visit for more information.
WE LOST 5 inches all over and 2kg after seven sessions
WHAT You’re first treated to a mineral-rich sea salt scrub, which is left on as you’re covered with a hot blanket to help the body eliminate toxins. The treatment combines radio frequency, a vacuum system and acoustic sound waves to get rid of fat cells and firm up skin by boosting fat metabolism, promoting lymphatic drainage and stimulating collagen regeneration.

Best Instant Body-sculpting Treatment 
Winner: Body Perfect’s 360 Spot Reduction ($199 for 30 minutes per target area)
Body Perfect, #21-03/04, Liat Towers, tel: 6235-7377,
WE LOST 11 inches all over, 700g and 1 per cent of body fat from four 90-minute sessions.
WHAT This uses a suction tool over the tummy, waist, hips, thighs and arms to boost the removal of toxins and excess water. It feels a bit painful on areas where the skin is thinner. A hot wrap is then applied on the treated area to break down stubborn fat and cellulite – this leaves the tummy feeling hot for a few hours after. After the first session, our tester lost 5.5 inches all over.
Best Intensive Body-sculpting Treatment
Winner: Slimming Sanctuary’s New Divine Signature Treatment ($610 for 130 minutes)
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WE LOST 1.7 inches all over after four sessions
WHAT The three-part session starts with 30 minutes of electro-lipolysis, where a current is transmitted into the body via electrode pads, to break down fat cells and boost lymphatic drainage. The microcurrents feel like tiny vibrations; the intensity can be adjusted to suit your comfort level. Our tester didn’t feel any pain and even fell asleep.
The second part is a 60-minute full-body-sculpting massage using short bamboo rods to detoxify, dispel excess fluid and tone the muscles. It’s a firm massage, so some may find it uncomfortable; it may also hurt a little when the bamboo rods roll over bony areas like the ribs.
The third segment is a 30-minute wrap and infrared hot blanket. A slimming gel is applied to the arms, legs and tummy before the therapist wraps you up in plastic film. Then you’re tucked into a hot blanket to induce perspiration and dispel excess water.


SimplyHer slimming awards 2013

3 Step Figure Transform treatment by Citispa 

Most Relaxing Body-sculpting Treatment
Winner: Citispa’s 3 Step Figure Transform ($468.66 for 100 minutes)
Citispa, #04-28 Nex @ Serangoon Central, tel: 6509-5358,
WE LOST 7.2 inches all over, 800g and 1.1 per cent of body fat after eight sessions
WHAT The session starts with a 20-minute steam bath to help get rid of water retention and warm up the body. Ultrasound waves are then delivered to problem areas, such as the tummy, to break down fat cells. Then it’s off to the steam bath again. After a quick shower, the fatty areas are treated to the LPG Cellutone Contouring treatment, a pain-free procedure using rollers to knead the whole body – it’s like a deep tissue massage. The treatment also helps to firm up and re-sculpt the body, and our tester reported an increase in muscle mass.

Best Spot-reducing Treatment 
Winner: Marie France Bodyline’s Intellect Spot Shaping Treatment ($360 for 45 minutes)
Marie France Bodyline, #08-01-05, International Building, tel: 1800-777-7111,
WE LOST 1.5 inches and 500g after four sessions
WHAT A mix of an ultrasound gel and self-heating anti-cellulite serum is first applied on target areas before the therapist massages them with a tool that emits ultrasound waves to break down fat deposits.
After that, the same self-heating anti-cellulite serum is applied and manually massaged into skin for 20 minutes. You may experience slight discomfort as the serum heats up. The session ends with a cold wrap to encourage the body to burn off stored fat. Your skin also feels firmer and smoother after.
Best Lunchtime Body Shaper
Winner: Asterspring’s Anti-Cellulite Therapy (RID Cellulite Management) ($320 for 20 minutes)
Asterspring, #05-09, The Centrepoint, tel: 6737-9177,
WE LOST 2.5 inches and 0.3 per cent of body fat after three sessions
WHAT The therapist uses mechanical rollers and a gentle suction tool over target areas. The
tool emits radio frequency and light energy to break down fat and feels like a gentle massage – it wasn’t painful despite the rollers, and left cellulite-laden areas smoother and firmer.


SimplyHer slimming awards 2013
Skin Inc Sculptfit Treatment

Best Cellulite-reducing Treatment
Winner: Skin Inc’s Sculptfit Treatment ($368 for 60 minutes)
Skin Inc, #B3-43 Ion Orchard, tel: 6222-7428

WE LOST 0.66 inches and 500g after two sessions

WHAT A botanical-based fat-reducing serum is applied to help restructure fatty tissues, firm up muscles, moisturise skin and increase circulation for speedy toxin removal. Then, a special heating pad is placed on the target areas. This delivers infrared and low-frequency waves to stimulate lymphatic drainage, and help burn fat to shape up body contours and alleviate the appearance of cellulite.


SimplyHer slimming awards 2013
Intensive weight vaporiser by Mary Chia

Best Weight-reducing Treatment
Winner: Mary Chia’s Intensive Weight Vaporiser ($155.15 for 45 minutes)
Call 1800-250-2001 for outlet listings, or visit

WE LOST 4kg after six sessions

WHAT You’re first tucked into an air-pressure suit that covers you from the stomach to the feet. It balloons and deflates intermittently to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and break down fat cells.

You’ll then proceed to a thermal vibrating chamber, where you lie on a heated bed that vibrates and shakes. This 15-minute session is said to be equivalent to 45 minutes of rigorous exercise. The procedures are not suitable for those with high blood pressure, however. Our tester found it so comfortable that she fell asleep.

A sauna follows to further boost the body’s natural detoxification system. After that, you take a shower before the therapist tightly wraps your body with a plastic film. The wrap has to be left on for two hours under your clothes to help contour your silhouette.

SimplyHer slimming awards 2013
All-in-1 Power slim treatment by One Beauty Spa

Best Multi-targeted Slimming Treatment
Winner: One Beauty Spa’s All-in-1 Power Slim Treatment ($398 for 120 minutes)
One Beauty Spa, 14 Liang Seah Street, tel: 6338-4979,

WE LOST 2.6 inches all over and 3 kg after seven sessions

WHAT This combines a radio frequency treatment, vacuum suction technology and a parafango heated body wrap to help burn fat, eliminate water retention, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and firm up the skin by regenerating collagen and elastin production.

The radio frequency session is relatively comfortable, while the suction procedure hurt a little and left our tester with bruises that went away in three days. The wrap comes with a paraffin and mineral-rich sea mud that boosts lymphatic flow and dispels toxins.

Best Body-and-skin Refiner
Winner: Mary Chia’s Body Detoxification ($299.60 for 60 minutes)
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WE LOST 1 inch all over and 1 per cent of body fat after four sessions

WHAT You’re wrapped with a detoxifiying treatment that includes deep-sea marine algae extracts to help get rid of accumulated toxins, improve circulation and alleviate water retention. This leaves your skin much smoother and softer, tones up your silhouette and makes you feel more energised.

*These treatments are tested by individuals of different physical and health conditions, so your results may vary depending on your physicality, diet and lifestyle.

This article was originally published in SimplyHer January 2013.