Best Lifting Facial (machine-based)

SW1 24K Uplift


Ageing is inevitable, and when gravity takes over, our facial features start to sag, migrating southwards. But the good news is that you can do something about the visible effects of time with the SW1 24K Uplift treatment.

This non-invasive anti-ageing treatment not only transforms the skin but your appearance as well.

It uses a Sygma Lift Technology that combines three different technologies – focal lines, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), and low-level cold lasers – to sculpt, lift and refine the face for a youthful-looking and glowing complexion. Most importantly, it doesn’t involve pain – you won’t even need numbing cream – and there’s no downtime at all.

What makes this hybrid facial truly unique is that unlike traditional HIFU treatments that deposit ultrasound energy in a pattern of dots, this patented second-generation HIFU technology uses focal lines.

That means it is able to treat a larger area at any one time in a controlled and precise manner, so you see results faster. And it apparently helps to remodel the face as the energy creates a progressive thermal effect that breaks down fat deposits to reduce the appearance of an unsightly double chin, chubby cheeks and jowls, giving you that V-shaped visage you desire.

For delicate and tricky areas, especially around the eyes, forehead and mouth, the tri-micro focal ultrasound energy smooths fine lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen production to plump the skin from within and encourage skin renewal.

Finally, low-level cold lasers complement the effects of the ultrasound energy. What these lasers do is known as photobiostimulation, and it stimulates a variety of cellular functions, from enhancing the drainage of fat cells to promoting collagen synthesis. In addition, it helps to repair the skin, soothe inflammation and brighten the complexion.

Each session only takes 90 minutes; this is one complexion-boosting lunchtime fix you’ll want to make an appointment for.  

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