The award: Best Concealer for Blemishes (Department/Speciality Store) – Editor’s Choice

The winner: Hera Black Concealer – Dot Cover

Hera Black Concealer – Dot Cover

I love how easy it is to build coverage and keep specific imperfections – like the occasional zit or stubborn age spot – hidden. The concealer blends easily, covering what needs to be covered quickly. Most importantly, it stays put for the whole day.

Her World Beauty Awards 2020 judge and executive editor (Beauty), Penelope Chan

There is a rare handful of women who have a naturally flawless complexion. For the rest of us, there is concealer. This makeup BFF is a must when it comes to disguising flaws, such as less than flattering stubborn pigmentation spots, blemishes, scars and moles.  

What It Is:

A long-wearing concealer that offers perfect coverage, hiding imperfections from pigmentation spots to blemishes and scars – even tattoos. It comes in three shades with yellow undertones to counteract red or brown discoloration. 

Its Claims:

It targets smaller troubled areas – pigmentation spots, blemishes, scars and moles, to achieve a flawless, natural finish. 

Key Ingredients:

Magnet-Fit Powder coats flaws to help skin look more perfect, and a hydrating blend of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, alpine berry and damask rose extracts keeps skin moisturised from within. It also has a patented Strong Wear Easy Fitting Technology that contains layers of malleable soft wax and a high concentration of cover pigment to ensure budge-proof, long-lasting coverage.


Its soft creamy wax allows us to dot and tap the concealer onto specific spots, then blend effortlessly to hide the imperfections. Most importantly, it stays in place. 

What Happened When We Used It:

Thanks to its soft creamy wax texture, this concealer stays put once applied and blended out. The high pigment coverage also ensures that our pesky zits and stubborn pigmentation spots were well-hidden from sight easily.

And thanks to its hydrating and buildable formula, it doesn’t cake nor highlight any dryness or flaking that might occur from the blemish control products we’ve been using. 

The 3mm metal tip applicator was also a breeze to use, and allows for precise dot-and-tap application onto our wayward zits and even a mole that we wanted to conceal. It was also cool to the touch and provided a surprising soothing relief on the occasional angry red zit that blossomed on our faces. 

The effect was completely natural – we didn’t look as if we were wearing concealer or that we were hiding anything. 

But what we appreciate the most is that it is really long-lasting, hardly budging or fading even after a full day out. It holds up well right into the night, even through perspiration and skin oiliness.

Hera Black Concealer – Dot Cover ($45) is available at Hera counters.

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