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Award: Best Anti-Hairloss Treatment – Readers’ Choice 

The Winner: Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot

Have you noticed that as you age, your once lush and full hair becomes thinner, losing volume, strength and resilience? This is because, like our skin, our scalp is also affected by ageing. 

The researchers at Shiseido Professional have discovered that our scalp’s deepest layer impacts hair growth. In order to maximise hair’s active growth phase, the hair root has to be firmly settled into the scalp. And for that to happen, the scalp needs to be healthy.  

Fortunately, help is at hand.  The Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC Adenovital range works on the deepest layer of the scalp, hair and hair root. Its star product is the Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot, which addresses hair thinning and loss of volume. 

It does so by using a blend of adenosine, sophora angustifolia root extract (a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine), carrot extract and nicotinamide (a water-soluble form of vitamin B3).

What happened when we tried it

A truly comfortable-to-use water-light essence, Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot absorbed quickly and didn’t sting our scalp despite its slight, minty-cool sensation during application. 

While it doesn’t have an applicator-nozzle, the ergonomic shape of the bottle made it easy to apply the essence directly onto our scalp. It took just 10 to 15 quick spritzes to cover the entire area.

The light floral scent got bonus points for making application pleasant and enjoyable. 

With regular use, we noticed less hair fall, but what surprised us was how much more resilient and less sensitive the scalp became. During a regular hair colouring session at the hair salon, we noticed that our scalp didn’t become red and hot, as it usually does.  

For best results, use Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot twice a day. Apply it onto the scalp after towel-drying your hair, starting at the hairline, before moving downwards and outwards. And don’t forget to work the essence into the scalp with your fingertips. That said, you can also use Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot on hair that’s completely dry. 

Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot is priced at $100, and available at selected Shiseido Professional salon partners. Find your nearest salon here.

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