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LifeSpa Alchemy Spa Therapy Massage


Always feeling tired and lethargic? Or perhaps your body is out of whack? Restore your optimal state and energy with the LifeSpa Alchemy Spa Therapy Massage.

Based on the Asian philosophy that a healthy body is perfectly balanced and in harmony when our energy (or qi) is aligned with our yin and yang levels, this treatment focuses on what it calls the “three essential treasures” – Essence, Energy and Spirit – to unblock your meridian channels and boost your energy level.  

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The key part of the treatment is a lymphatic drainage massage that not only promotes circulation but also helps with detoxification. In addition, the massage is said to unblock your body’s meridian channels to restore balance and help alleviate the discomfort of minor ailments.

The therapist’s firm strokes aid in relieving sore muscles and tension too, so you will leave the spa feeling lighter and less tense.

On top of that, the treatment promises to lift and firm the skin for the smooth-curved silhouette you desire.



Enjoy the LifeSpa Alchemy Spa Therapy Massage at a special price of $54 for 75 minutes (UP $328).

This promotion is valid from Aug 1 to Oct 31, 2019, for first-time customers only. For appointments, please call or WhatsApp “HW19” to your preferred outlet. For a full listing of outlets and booking information, visit


For more information, visit or Level 11 Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, tel: 6737-6766.