Best cushion foundation – soft matte (Department/ Speciality store)

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Cushion foundations have come a long way. They come in different finishes – dewy, satin, matte – and everything in-between. The formulations are always improving; new technology used to create the foundation so that it looks gorgeous on the skin, stays put in our humidity etc, etc. Basically, we’re spoilt for choice. We’re not gonna lie here.

So when we have all these access to good cushion foundations, our expectations are jacked up. We now want great foundations. And in the forerunning, is HERA’s Black Cushion.

Hear us out. The Korean beauty brand has perfected all that we want in a cushion foundation (and we’re not saying this just because Gianna Jun stands by it too, fyi). The Black Cushion has a fresh, semi-matte finish that doesn’t feel sticky or look shiny (read: oily). Pat it on, and you’ll instantly see that your complexion looks luminous and radiant – like #myskinbutbetter.

You can thank HERA’s Ultrafine Powder Dispersion technology for that. The size of pigment particles are 30 per cent smaller than conventional cushion foundations – that means, you’ll need lesser product for a greater surface area of skin. This allows the foundation to spread out seamlessly onto the skin without looking cakey, or like you have a ton of product on.

The Bright Fit Cover Powder – what HERA calls their unique formula – has pigments that are coated with amino acid derivatives. Amino acids are proteins that are found naturally in our skin. With pigment particles that mimic our skin’s make-up, the powder is better able to blend into the skin for the most “skin-like” finish, as well as enhance our complexion’s brightness and translucency.

Of course, a good foundation is more than just how it looks on the skin – but rather, how well it stays put on the skin as well. No one wants a foundation that’ll look pretty but lasts for two hours before it starts melting off. The Black Cushion’s got this covered too.

To keep your foundation staying on all day, the Double Lasting Layer technology is incorporated in the cushion’s formula.

How it works: the foundation “coating” actually consists of two hydrating layers that ensures the product stays comfortable on the skin for long hours. That means, no drying and/or cracking. This ensures that your base is locked in place, and won’t budge until when you remove it at the end of the day.

The HERA Black Cushion costs $75, and the Cell Essence costs $80. Both products can be bought from the HERA flagship store at ION Orchard, or at the HERA counter at Takashimaya D.S.

Quote HWBA and receive an additional Magic Starter 10ml with any purchase of Black Cushion.