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As much as we love looking at hordes of beautiful makeup, there’s no denying that most of us still play it safe when it comes to everyday makeup for the office. A fantastic neutral eyeshadow palette can sometimes be all we need in our makeup kits, especially if it has everything you could want from matte to shimmer and light to dark shades.

Last year, our top neutral palette pick was the second edition of Tarte’s neutral Tartelette palette, Tartelette in Bloom ($72 for 12 shadows). This year? This massive all-in-one Natural Love palette from Too Faced ($89 for 30 shadows) is looking to sweep the top spot.

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Not only is it way more bang for your buck, this new palette also has a huge number of neutrals for every skin tone. While this palette does come in a more cardboard-like packaging (as is common with most of the palettes from Too Faced), it’s still surprisingly slim and lightweight for the number of eyeshadows it packs, so you can easily take it with you when you travel if you’ve got just a small suitcase. Plus, it’s got a mirror in it too which is perfect.

As far as the shades go, there are quite literally transition shades for every skin tone (Lace Teddy, Spotlight, Honey Butter, Nudie, and Makeup & Chill). The lightest shade Heaven is thankfully a matte shade which makes it the perfect everyday brow bone highlight or an all-over lid shade if you have very pale skin.

There’s also a matte black shade so you can take any look from light and romantic to sexy and sultry with a precision blending brush.

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We also love that the palette isn’t too pink or too brown, that there’s a fairly even mix of undertones and wearable “nude” shades for different tastes. Even with the shimmers, you’ve got gold, bronze, mauves, greys and even coppery shadows to play with. Quite frankly, it will take you weeks to run out of eyeshadow looks if you tried something different every day.

Here’s the kicker: Sephora.sg is about to have a private sale for black and gold card members starting May 4, 2017, so if you’re a member, you might want to stick this limited-edition palette in your Sephora.sg cart to make checkout as swift as possible when the sale starts. Because we all know how crazy things can get when Sephora has a sale.


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