Heading off to a party straight after work can sometimes be a rather troublesome affair – no one really comes out of a full work day with perfect makeup.

So you may find it useful to pop one of these five lip products into your makeup bag the next time you need to head somewhere. They help to conceal and better the look of dry and sometimes even flaky lips, because we know that there isn’t time for that whole lip balm reapplication thing when you’ve got deadlines to meet.

#1 YSL Volupte Tint-in-oil
$45 each, available in eight shades at all YSL Beaute stores and counters

YSL’s Volupte Tint-in-oil is an essential in our travel and work beauty pouches because of how effective it is at rescuing dry and sometimes even flaky lips. As the lip tint is suspended in a deep conditioning oil – apricot kernel and jojoba seed oils are in the mix – it will feel slippery on first swipe. But leave it on for a few minutes and the stickiness disappears, leaving behind hydrated lips with a light, natural tint.

If your lips are flaking, we find that this product helps to soften the flaky bits, making them easy to remove by rubbing your lips together – gross, but hey, it works in emergencies. Wipe off the excess then re-apply and you’re good to go. You can use this on top of matte lipsticks if you find them too drying, too.

#2 Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment
$31 each, available in seven shades at all Fresh and Sephora stores

Admit it, we’ve all licked our freshly “lip smacker-ed” puckers back in the day, because it just tasted and smelled so good. And we have to say, Fresh’s Sugar Shine Lip Treatment can potentially bring that habit back because of how deliciously sweet it smells.

But apart from that, this lip gloss actually works to condition and conceal dry lips. It is all thanks to a combination of oils and butters that help to nourish and hydrate, as well as hyaluronic filling spheres that help to trap water on the surface of the lips, making them appear fuller.

#3 Dior Addict Fluid Stick
$48, available in 12 shades at all Dior Beauty stores and counters

The Dior Addict Fluid Stick is still one of our favourite post-work party lipsticks that instantly masks dry lips with rich colour. This lipstick and gloss hybrid also adds enough shine to moisturise and plump the lips.

Expect the colour to stay on through a few drinks, leaving behind a natural stain once it wears off.

#4 Chanel Rouge Double Intensite
$49 each, available in four shades at all Chanel Fragrance and Beauty stores and counters

If you prefer a satin finish, here’s our latest obsession – and we mean, buy-all-the-shades kind of obsessed – Chanel’s Rouge Double Intensite. The double-ended liquid lipstick available this holiday season has a matte liquid lipstick on one end and a hydrating top coat on the other. We were impressed by how incredibly long-wearing the formula was – the colour lasted through a full meal and needed minimal touch up. (Soup, risotto and cake, just in case you’re wondering.)

Here’s how to work this lippie on dry lips: Apply the base colour to clean lips. Wait for a minute for the colour to dry then apply the top coat. Dab off the excess after five minutes for a satin finish. For a slightlier matte finish, add a little more of the base colour – easy peasy.

#5 Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait
$70 each, available in six shades at all Guerlain counters and Sephora stores

For all matte lip lovers the Rouge G De Guerlain L’Extrait is one investment you should make. A single swipe of this liquid lipstick is more than enough to cover your natural lip colour and texture. The silky colour dries into a smooth, velvety matte finish just a minute after and stays put for a few hours.

The creamy texture allows for easy control and application on dry lips and doesn’t emphasise lip lines. But don’t expect it to work on very flaky lips unless if you’ve spent a few minutes treating them first (see #1).

And finally, who can say no to that in-built mirror packaging, really?

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