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Think about the amount of time we spend caring for our skin: from double cleansing in the shower to gently massaging on multiple serums and creams onto our face, it’s no wonder we have much less time left to our hair. Yet, our hair and scalp are susceptible to the same ageing process as the skin on our face. Early signs can include dry ends and dull hair, before hair loses its density as we advance in age. Beyond blow-drying and styling our tresses, the truth is that most women are guilty of neglecting our hair. We’re not saying you have to devote as much time and effort to your locks, because there are short cuts to take so you can reap maximum results with minimum effort.

For example, instead of using your regular shampoo everyday, try alternating between two shampoos so that one acts on energising or stimulating your scalp while the other hydrates and nourishes parched ends. And when shopping for shampoos, look out for those that are infused with antioxidants to help your hair and scalp fend off free radical damage during the course of the day. Work a scalp tonic into your routine or a pre-shampoo treatment as you give your scalp a gentle massage to boost circulation for optimal absorption of essential nutrients. Lastly, don’t forget to use a finishing spray that helps seal in moisture and locks in UV protection for lustrous hair.

Here, the best hair care products to try for your best tresses ever: