Suffering from dull skin that’s also slick as a frying pan? No fear, it’s multiple masks to the rescue!

Here’s the only ‘rule’ you need to memorise, mask-wise: Always apply a rinse-off product (regardless of its purported benefits) before your clay or mud masks.

Why is that? Well, if you apply a thinner textured product after a thick mud mask, it’ll never be able to properly penetrate the existing layer to deliver its goodness. (FWIW, this is also why I always splash off my mud masks with a toner to remove residual clay from my face.)

Ready? Try this neat mattifying-plus-brightening trick from my beauty repertoire that has worked wonders for me:


First, reanimate lifeless skin with an intensive brightening balm. What to look out for? Dr Calvin Chan, medical director at Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, says you should zero in on concoctions containing kojic acid or vitamin C like Ren’s Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial ($74); both ingredients aid the elimination of existing dark spots as well as the formation of future freckles.

If your skin is super-sensitive, gun for a gentler soother like Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence Infusion Mask ($98 for a box of six sheets). Formulated with ferments said to regenerate and rejuvenate, I love how luxurious this cottony sheet feels when draped onto my facial contours. Talk about a skin treat!



Got your go-to brightening mask on? Good. Relax, remove, then slap on a clarifying clay mask to sop up sebum.

My money’s on Estee Lauder’s Clear Difference Purifying Exfoliating Mask ($76) which boasts a naturally occurring white clay blend said to alleviate acne and purify pores. Top tip: I like stirring in a dollop of pimple-clearing ceramide cream into the mix for a turbo-charged custom concoction.

This is just one of the myriad mask medleys you can try your hand at, with the sole proviso being that you reserve the clay-type product for application last. Want another option? Try this one-two punch for addressing acne and dry skin. Have fun mixing and matching your masks, and good luck!