flattering and comfortable way to wear false lashes for Asian eyes

Image: Showbit

False lashes are rarely a one-size-fits-all situation, and even the ones created for Asian eyes can be a little too large or uncomfortable for you. If you find that the lash band somewhat stabs you on the inner corner of your eye, then you need to check out this hack from a Jakarta-based girl on Instagram and Youtube named Francesca. She’s dedicated to providing hacks and beauty tutorials specifically for her fellow Asians with monolids or hooded eyes.

You can check out her handy instructional picture below, that shows you how to trim, stack, and apply your false lashes to suit the size and shape of mono lidded eyes.



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Essentially, what she does first is to trim off the ends of the lashes that stick out, and then measure the lash against her actual eye. She advises keeping the lashes to the outer two-thirds of your eyelid, or avoiding the inner corner where your eyelid droops the most. After cutting off the excess from the falsies (cut off the side where the lashes are longer), she stacks them along the outer edge of the remaining lash band to make a thicker outer lash. This is incredibly flattering on hooded eyes which require the most definition and drama on the outer corner to appear wider and larger.

She’s also created a handy video tutorial which you can watch below!

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