Best collection of work-friendly blushers  concealers ever! DIOR MOOD.png

Boom. Hear that? That’d be the resounding ring from the Mariah-esque moans of ecstasy when we first laid our mascaraed eyes on this treasure trove of incredibly covetable colour cosmetics.

Darlings, here’s a legit #SneakPeek at Dior’s Cosmopolite Autumn-Winter 2015 collection – also the first for the brand from warpaint warrior Peter Philips, FWIW.

Best collection of work-friendly blushers  concealers ever! DIOR SHADOW STICK.png

The makeup maestro and living legend – man, what wouldn’t I give to be a fly on his moodboard wall – has served up a supremely wearable combo of contoured cheeks and perfectly pink puckers, but what’s really, really driving me crazy are the punchy peepers the colour of a silver sky.

Courtesy of the decadent new Dior Addict Fluid Shadow ($53 in six shades), the cool chrome and cyan eyeshadow “varnishes” have been carefully calibrated by the cosmetic scientists in Dior’s labs to lend a really reflective mirror-like mirage. (Then posh packaging is a big plus, too.)

Best collection of work-friendly blushers  concealers ever! DIOR SHADOW QUADS.png

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t these colours too “fashion” for the young office lady? Metallics on the eyes can seem like an exercise in futility for the makeup novice, but a thoughtful tweak or two can render these tricky textural hues a fun way of gussying up your face without veering into tacky territory.

An oldie but goodie: Pick up the hue with an angled liner brush for use as a high-impact eyeliner. Or consider going the whole “haute” hog with the lust-worthy (and very limited-edition!) 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite ($104 in two palettes).

Smokey bedroom blinkers are still the gold standard in seduction, but the trick to not looking like a bridal catalogue model (or worse) is in softening the harsh edges on your socket. That means swirling your brush around and blending like your life depended upon it. The result is a soft “halo” effect that’s very fetching indeed.

Best collection of work-friendly blushers  concealers ever! DIOR BLUSHER.png

Right, then, that’s the “difficult” stuff out of the way; I’m betting my last beauty dollar that the Diorblush Cheek Stick ($60 in three shades) will sell out like nobody’s business. “I like to blend Diorblush Cheek Stick in small touches with the fingertips,” says Peter Philips.

Want a smaller mien via makeup magic? Easy. Simply suck in your cheeks, then use tapping motions to apply this blush straight from the stick, starting from under the centre of your pupils and swirling up into your temples. The V-shaped wedge of colour along the top of your cheekbones will lend a subtly lifted, superbly slenderising effect.

Best collection of work-friendly blushers  concealers ever! dior fix it.png

Then there’s the fabulous Fix It ($59 in two shades), which is quite frankly #diediemustbuy in my books. This triple-duty concealer, pore eraser and lip primer promises to blur out imperfections on your skin, under the eyes and on your lips – pretty much unprecedented in terms of multi-purpose merit.

But enough gushing on my part. Press play on the exclusive “mood” video below, and have fun gawking at the fabulous face game on display!