egg-shaped makeup sponge main.jpg

If you’re anything like the gazillions of girls out there, a Beautyblender egg is your new best friend. Now, I hate to be the one to throw egg on your face, but it bears repeating that removing makeup from your makeup applicators – egg-shaped or otherwise – can be an absolute skin-saver. Just think of the germs and grime encrusting your erstwhile speckless egg. Gross.

I know it’s difficult enough dragging yourself to the bathroom for a standard three-step drill at the end of a weary workday; cleansing your makeup tools must figure even lower down the totem pole of priorities.

Which is why I’m egging you on to have a crack at this top tip courtesy of grooming guru Larry Yeo, who swears by a pretty popular face wash for quick and easy cleansing of your egg-shaped sponge: “I love using Nivea’s whitening cleanser for my Beautyblender sponges, because it’s affordable and lathers up like a dream.”

Now, any drugstore detergent will do in a pinch, but Larry’s personal pick – he’s referring to the White Oil Control Make Up Clear 3 in 1 Foam Cleanser, $8.90 – is perfect at its primary job of whisking away the most waterproof of mascaras; I’m happy to report that spidery clumps come straight off without any tugging and toiling on my part.

Oh, and you shouldn’t be scrubbing your egg willy-nilly either or you’ll risk rubbing the fibres right off. Instead, do as Larry does: “Dispense a drop of your cleanser onto your palm, then rub your hands together to create a marshmallow-like consistency which you can then transfer onto your makeup sponge.”

Think of it as icing your eggs with dollops of custardy cleansing cream and this chore can actually become quite the therapeutic experience! Once you’ve finished embellishing your makeup sponges with foam, proceed to rinse off under a tap until the water runs clear.

And you’re done! Easy, right? This hack is infinitely more affordable than splashing out on “official” sponge-cleansing soaps. Just remember: What’s fine for your face is probably fine for your body. Have lots of good, clean fun!

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