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Buy this, look like this

“Get me a rugged rower and his gondola as gifts, please!”

Alas, while I had to turn down a certain friend’s cheeky request, I did manage to bring back boatloads of beautiful memories in the form of new Cle de Peau Beaute quads, blusher duos and luscious lip colours, all inspired by the incredibly vivid spirit of Venice. All of it.

“All of it inspired me,” explains Lucia Pieroni, Cle de Peau Beaute’s creative makeup director. “I really put my heart and soul into making these things, so when I look at the collection before me, all the images of Venice come flooding back. To me, this collection is Venice.”

The best blushers and lipsticks you need right now for the office Blusher buildings.png

And yes, while the crowded city can seem like a tourist trap at times, Cle de Peau Beaute’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is meant to evoke the hidden hues and subtle splendours of Venice – the polished pewter of the metal railings, for instance, or the glorious foamy greens of the water at dawn.

Raring to add Venice to your list of must-visit locales? Here’s a nifty travel tip: Go in the winter. “In the heat of summer, the sunlit buildings can look cartoonish in a Disneyland sort of way,” admits Lucia. “My travel advice? Come back in winter, get off the beaten track and discover for yourself the beauty of the place.” Duly noted, Ma’am!

The best blushers and lipsticks you need right now for the office blush-duo.png

Powder Blush Duo ($68 for refill, $40 for case)

These five fabulous blush duos boast a dewy finish and should suit most skin tones – 105 Blown Rose, in particular, reminds me so much of Venetian terracotta tiles viewed under the setting sun.

Want a smaller mien via makeup magic? All you need to do, says Lucia, is to swirl your brush into the twin powders and sweep it across the apples of your cheeks – just a wee tiny bit will suffice for a flirty flush of colour.

Indeed, these blushers will be your new best friends if you’re into that V-shaped visage so coveted in today’s K-Beauty-obsessed world; the V-shaped wedge of colour along the top of your cheekbones will lend a subtly lifted, superbly slenderising effect.

The best blushers and lipsticks you need right now for the office lip-luminizer.png

Enriched Lip Luminizer ($80 for refill, $30 for holder)

Not going to lie: Cle de Peau Beaute’s suite of stratospherically priced potions can cost an arm and a leg and then some. Ease yourself into the luxe life by starting small; my money’s on these lovely lippies if you’re looking for an entry-level product for colour-shy women – and what do you know, don’t they remind you of the lacquered interiors of the gondolas dotting the lagoon?

Offered in 10 hot new hues, these delightfully dewy sticks are fun and fresh to wear – “like sucking on a summer lolly,” enthuses Lucia. “You can pop them on with no fuss at all.”  

The best blushers and lipsticks you need right now for the office Lip Boats.png

One more thing: These lipsticks have also been reformulated for a finish that’s stronger and see-through at the same time. “The previous formula was a tad too pearlescent for my taste,” explains Lucia. “The new Enriched Lip Luminizers are opaque but buildable, so you can slick them on for a subtle veil of colour.”

Lucia’s personal pick? The pinks and peaches are beautifully bright and watery, but she’s particularly partial to the universally flattering cocoa of 233 Tiramisu – feel free to dab directly onto your lips, cheeks and eyelids for a multi-purpose hit of colour!

The best blushers and lipsticks you need right now for the office eyeshadow quad.png

Eye Color Quad ($80 for refill, $30 for case)

Personal observation: Singapore ladies aren’t the most adventurous when it comes to eyeshadow, more’s the pity – but hey, CPB (and yours truly!) are on a mission to make over your makeup pouch.

Consider Exhibit A: These three eyeshadow palettes are carefully calibrated to conjure up the gorgeous gradations of colour as the city goes from dusk to dawn.Case in point: Lucia says the silvery seafoam hues in 311 Pewter Veil are reminiscent of morning light hitting the water.

(FWIW, the complementary emeralds in the palette are perfect for picking up the green speckles found in most brown Asian eyes too.)

The best blushers and lipsticks you need right now for the office Eyeshadow water.png

And really, don’t be intimidated by all that colour. I’ve had the fab fortune of test-driving these babies out for myself, and can attest to the fact that these subtly shimmery and easily blendable quads are actually very wearable when worn as a sheer wash over the entire eyelid.

Here’s how. Line your lashes with the darker hue, then blend it out as a gentler alternative to harshly drawn eyeliner. Finish by taking the lighter colours in the quad and sweeping them across your entire lids for a pretty, almost painterly patina. Bellissimo!

Quick note on availability: These beauty baubles ought to be rolling out any time soon, so swing by your nearest CPB cabin for a quick consult with your friendly consultant.

And the overall effect when the entire collection is used in combination? Radiant skin, seductive eyes and a plump pout worthy of any Venetian mermaid. As your suave gondola-rowing stud would say, ciao-ciao!

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