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We took a lot of what our mothers said for granted as kids, often passing it off as nagging. It’s only many years later as women (and men) that we realise the value in many of the things we were told. Whether you regretfully ignored her words of wisdom or took them to heart and are immensely grateful, we’re sure you can relate to most of these tales from our dearest mothers.

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“My mum did all the legwork for me while I was in the womb. She says she was plied with bird’s nest soup and other gooey glow-enhancing goodies from both sides of the family – our horde of relatives were super stoked about the imminent arrival of her firstborn. The excitement petered off and the baby-beautifying treats dwindled when it came to my younger siblings’ turn to be born, so sorry, Didi and Meimei!” – Eugene Quek, associate editor

“She was always telling me to stop touching my face and sit up straight… honestly, she still has to remind me because I forget a lot. But it really does make the biggest difference. How many of us wish we had clearer skin and a better posture as adults? I know I do.” – Alyssa Dhaliwal, digital writer



“My mother avoids the sun like a vampire, is as pale as the Cullens from Twilight and looks amazing for her age. She even has a cardigan in the car that she throws across her arms while driving to protect her skin from the rays.” – Clara How, senior features writer


“She’d say, ‘Wear lipstick, Kimberly! If not, your face looks incomplete.’ She also always told me to do my eyebrows because ‘eyebrows are like the chimney to your house’. Go figure.” – Kimberly Spykerman, features and lifestyle editor


“My mum’s defining beauty tip is to never go without lipstick. But if I had to give my own daughter beauty advice, I’d tell her to make sure she drinks more water.” – Kayce Teo, beauty writer

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“She always tells me to slap on sunscreen because UV rays are really bad for your skin. This is something I have become painfully aware of, now that I’m experiencing the first signs of pigmentation. What a way to have sun-kissed skin… mum knows best indeed!” – Pui Ying, intern


“My mum always reminds me and my sister to get eight hours of sleep so that we look and feel well-rested. Considering how much I like to sleep, that’s certainly one beauty habit I can get behind.” – Hoe I Yune, features writer


“Something she taught me was that if you’ve got bruises, you want to massage – or stroke, rather – very lightly in one direction, and always towards your heart. She told me that would help them to heal faster.” – Dione Chen, beauty writer

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“She told me to always wear at least a blusher or lipstick, and to never be without one of them on. I’m not following her advice right now as we speak, but it’s still good advice!” – Tessa, fashion writer


“Even though my mum isn’t a beauty junkie, she swears by Sam Fong Hoi Tong powder. For those who haven’t heard of it, this was supposedly the go-to for women of the um, older and wiser generation. She claims that it is a multi-purpose powder that can also be used to whiten teeth. I tried it once when I was still in primary school, but I lost patience because the effects weren’t immediate.” – Hayden Ng, digital content producer


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