Bee venom is being hailed the closest thing to Botox – minus the needles. By toning, firming and lifting your skin, it will instantly take years off you and give you an all-round fresh-faced appearance.

Deborah Mitchell is a Royal Therapist and is behind the Heaven skincare Bee Venom Range. She recently revealed her secret ingredient – Abeetoxin™. It’s a unique formula that was developed by Deborah and her research team and is exclusive to her products. It can be found in the Bee Venom Mask, which is applied to skin and left for 20 minutes. When washed off, your skin will immediately feel and look tauter. You can also use a little bit on top of your moisturiser for a quick fix. Along with members of the royal family, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer and Emilia Fox are fans of the range, which also includes face and body moisturiser.

ApiRefine CC Cream is a great choice for those looking for a multitasking base. As well as giving you some coverage, it contains the all important bee venom to rejuvenate skin immediately. It leaves your skin photo ready by minimising the appearance of dark spots and evening out skin tone.

One of the first areas to give away your age is the sensitive skin around the eyes. That’s why it’s important to start using products in this region as early as possible. Rodial’s bee venom eye cream works to plump and smooth the delicate skin while also reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. As well as delivering an intense moisture boost, the cream has been proven to help with the damaging effects of the menopause.

An important side note to make is that harvesting bee’s venom does not harm or kill the insects – meaning this trend is perfect for all you animal lovers. Beekeepers usually opt for a ‘collection frame’, which contains electrodes to stimulate them to sting. The venom is then collected on the device and can be used in your favourite products without hurting the little critters.