The importance of exfoliation, application techniques and which body parts to do first: as summer approaches, we take a look at some self-tanning tips.

Kandee Johnson 

Beauty-blogging queen bee Kandee recommends SUN tanner, and uses the brand’s exfoliator beforehand in the shower to remove dead skin. She starts with the face, applying evenly and rubbing it into the skin. She then moves down to the neck, paying special attention not to skip over the skin behind the ears, her chest and arms come next, before the back and legs.

Kandee recommends you wash the palms of your hands when you finish, using exfoliator to make sure you don’t end up with extra dark skin. You can top up the effect with a self-tanning moisturizer.



RachhLoves also uses a SUN Labs product. Also freshly showered and exfoliated, Rachel begins by pumping a small amount into her hand, and dots it evenly over the skin on her arms, before rubbing it in. On her face Rachel dabs small amounts “like warpaint” before blending it, and then applying to the neck (again making sure to get the behind the ears spots).

She then takes a cotton pad, runs it under water, and wipes off any excess self-tanner on her lips, around her nose, over her eyebrows, along the hairline, and lightly along her jawline. After fully washing her hands, she applies a small amount of tanner to the back of her hands with a cotton pad.


Sali Hughes 

The Guardian’s beauty writer Sali Hughes decides to try some wash-off tans, an alternative to self-tan as sometimes “it doesn’t go on very well”. For Hughes, wash-off tans are an easier and less permanent solution. The products don’t rub off, and “look much more natural”. Sali also recommends a body scrub to give yourself a smooth base, but make sure you don’t add any body lotion after your shower. Wash-off tans work best on dry skin and doesn’t mix well with skin creams.

Her tip is to bend your knees and stretch out your feet to make sure the color is applied evenly. The wash-off product dries quickly, and you can layer color on for darker tones, just like using foundation. While Sali focuses on her legs, she assures viewers that the products work all over the body.