Warm, summer days are best accompanied by hair that looks like you just spent a glorious afternoon at the beach, even if the closest you've come to water all day has been the drinking fountain in your office.

That same hot weather makes it difficult to get wavy, tousled hair with using a curling iron which can end up damaging your hair – and who wants to be sweating over their hair in the morning? But with a few simple steps, you too can have surfer girl waves without the heat or the damage. 

You'll Need:
At least shoulder length hair
Hair elastic
Hair Pins/Bobby Pins
Texturising or sea salt spray
Curl enhancing mousse

Step 1:
Wash and towel dry your hair

Step 2:
While your hair is still damp, squeeze a small ball of mousse onto your palm and scrunch it through your hair.

Step 3:
Take the texturising spray and spray onto hair according to the products' directions.

Step 4:
Separate your hair into four sections; front, back and two sides.

Step 5:
Tie your four sections of hair into small buns by twisting your hair in circles and securing it with the hair elastics. Lightly mist with hair spray. For more defined curls, further split each section of hair into two or more buns.

Step 6:
Leave the buns on your head for about an hour.

Step 7:
Undo the elastic and run your hands through the curls to separate them so it looks more natural and wind tossed.

Step 8:
Mist your hair with hair spray to set your beautiful waves and you're ready to go.