Beauty trend: White nail polish

The Spring 2013 catwalks of Rag & Bone and Moschino were the first to showcase white nail varnish. This trend has since taken over in the celebrity sphere with everyone from Lea Michele to Zoe Saldana rocking the look.

Wearing white on your nails can be risky, as more than other shades this stands out if it’s anything less than perfect. To avoid chips that look unsightly, invest in a white lacquer that will stand the tough test of time. CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is a good go-the-distance product worth checking out.

Another tip is to invest in a decent base coat to serve as a foundation for your white shade, the best bet is to try one with a milky base. Once this is dry you could give Revlon White on White or Topshop Spilled Milk shades a go. The trick here is to build up a series of thin layers, too few and your nails will look weak. But too many thick layers will result in a streaky whitewashed mess.

Finally, after three thinly applied layers put a super shiny seal varnish over your handiwork to protect and perfect it. One of the best for build-up is Mavala White or Orly White Out.

Other pointers worth noting are that white-on-white when it comes to skin is not a good look so bronzing is a must. The shape is also worth considering, short and oval looks more modern than sharp talons.

Jewellery and accessories should also complement the pale hue of the nails so look out for white clutch bags and silver or platinum rings. Diamonds also set the trend off a treat!