Photo: Instagram / moschino

We all have a mental image of Italy, and usually, it is one of a marriage of gold-gilt splendour and modern glamour. The runways of Milan Fashion Week were no less sparkly, as beauty trends on this side of world leaned toward show-stealing drama that included everything from crystal embellishments to vivid slashes of colour – a nice change after all the natural, pared-down looks from New York and London. We are definitely digging Milan’s unabashed lack of subtly, and it’s safe to say we’ll be copping these 4 trends even before Autumn/Winter rolls around.


Glittery cat eyes

Photo: Instagram / prada

Taking our favourite cat eye to the next level, Prada’s models gave off a kind of Venetian masks-meets-sci fi vibe with geometric bolts of eye shadow accented with Swarovski crystals. It sounds OTT, but the use of a singular hue made the look actually very accessible, and perfect for cocktails with the girls or your next fancy dinner. Emulate the look with a cream eye shadow of your choice (cream for its longer holding power) and carefully set rhinestones (they don’t have to be Swarovski) with eyelash glue and tweezers. Depending on your event, choose an appropriate number of stones, but if it’s still a little too much for your taste, replace with larger pieces of glitter instead. For the daring, experiment with stones in contrasting colours.  


Messy hair don’t care

Photo: Instagram / Versace

AKA the new bedhead hair, Versace is rocked highly textured centre-parted hair while Les Copain went for a wore-my-wool-cap-all-day messiness that still managed to look painfully chic. If you have shorter hair (i.e no longer than shoulder length), smooth down your crown with a high-shine, soft hold wax and scrunch the rest of your hair while spritzing with a holding spray. If your hair is longer, go for a loose, low ponytail and opt for serious volume on your crown by backcombing and finishing with a holding spray. Don’t worry about the wisps of fly-aways – it’s part of the look. Tip: both looks are easier to achieve if your hair isn’t freshly washed, so we recommend washing your hair the night before and using a dry shampoo the next morning instead.


Crowning glory

Photo: Facebook / Fashion Week In NYC, Milan And Paris

Gucci, on the other hand, went for reflective head-adornments that looked like rivulets of water cascading down the models’ heads, while Dolce & Gabbana had all kinds of headgear imaginable: from veiled chapeaux to actual crowns. If you’ve ever harboured dreams of being a princess, this is possibly your only chance (short of marrying an actual royal). We get that a 1-foot crown isn’t exactly office-appropriate, so the key here is brilliance. Opt for smaller tiaras or embellished headbands that don’t compromise on the bling, and keep your locks au naturale. On weekends and/or festivals however, we insist you go all out and opt for the craziest flower or literal crown you can get your hands on! Don’t forget to ‘gram.



Photo: Instagram / emporioarmani

If you’ve ever had moments where you spent ages looking through your 100 different eyeshadow palettes and wondering which colour combination to use (sometimes, too much choice is a problem), this trend will come as a relief. Let your clothes make the decision for you, and simply match your shadow colours to your outfit, a la Emporio Armani, with whose emerald-silver smokey eye we instantly fell in love with. Play around with your eyeliner placement and colour, and eyeshadow shading and blending to achieve runway-worthy eyes – the options are really endless here. Just remember to set everything with primer before and a make up setting spray after so all your efforts don’t smudge into a hot mess!


Get your bob on

Photo: Instagram / moschino

From Moschino’s Jackie O-inspired poufs to Roberto Cavalli’s rock-and-roll chopped bobs, we’re so embracing this trend as we cannot think of a better length to suit our humid, scorching weather! You might have read that only some face shapes can pull off bobs, but we say otherwise. If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for weight around the jawline to balance wider cheekbones. Round faces should go for a length that ends just below the chin, and square faces should stay away from blunt cuts, opting instead for a softer, texturised line. If you have the universally-flattering oval face, lucky you, because you get to experiment with all kinds of bobs!


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