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Once a year, a bevy of supermodels congregate to put on the world’s most-watched fashion show: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year, that took place in New York City. Even though the entire show won’t air on US television until Dec 2, a quick search on Instagram will give you a pretty good idea of what went down during yesterday’s show. Aside from dramatic sets and head-turning costumes—those wings!—Victoria’s Secret is also closely watched for the hair and makeup action that goes on backstage.

Here, the eight beauty lessons we can learn from models and their glam squad to looking and feeling fab:


More is more when it comes to your lashes


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Full lashes up the glam ante instantly as they give you sexy, bedroom eyes instantly. To maximise lashes, start by curling them with an eyelash curler. Then, apply a lash conditioning primer which keeps lashes supple while thickening them. Follow with lashings of volumising mascara and layer on falsies for a va va voom effect.


Peachy pink blush lights up your complexion


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Nothing flatters every skin tone better than a peachy-pink blusher. With equal parts of warm and cool undertones, it works for all skin tones and adds just the right amount of warmth. Sweep over the apples of the cheeks to counter any sallowness and enhance tawny skin.


Shiny hair makes you look like a million bucks


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Even if your tresses have seen better days, there are still a few ways to give it a new lease of life. Treating it to a protein-rich hair mask instantly smooths hair cuticles and fortifies hair shaft so that your locks look and feel softer. Plus, when your hair cuticles are smoothed, that will make your hair look shinier and healthier. But if an SOS hair mask is out of the question, you can try using a hair serum to coat hair with nourishing oils for a lustrous effect.

The thin layer it forms over hair also seals hair cuticles and keeps humidity out so it becomes less prone to frizziness. Finish with a light misting of shine spray to infuse hair with a glossy look.




A touch of highlighter can do wonders


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Even though makeup maestro Charlotte Tilbury did not use any actual highlighter on the models’ skin backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she did go through several painstaking steps to prep and perfect their complexion to achieve that healthy sheen sans glitter.

To fake this luminous glow, opt for highlighters that are made of tiny pearl pigments (instead of glitter) to reflect light. This looks more natural and won’t emphasis fine lines as much. Don’t forget to take the time to buff it in so that it melds into your skin for a seamless, lit-from-within effect.


A beautiful smile is your best accessory 


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Happy people are the most beautiful, so pursue happiness and let your inner beauty radiate through with a big and beautiful smile.


Nude lip never goes out of style


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If there’s one makeup item that women keep going back to, it is a flesh-toned lip colour.

Regardless of whether you prefer your lipstick matte or super glossy, once you find the perfect shade for your skin tone, you’ll never desert it—trust us, we know.


Immaculate brows frame your features instantly


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Always believe in the power of well-defined brows when it comes to accentuating your features. Using a brow pencil, fill in sparse spots in light, feathery strokes in the direction of hair growth so that it looks like actual brow hairs.

Next, brush through with a clear brow gel to hold errant strands in place, and for maximum definition, use a concealer or highlighter under the brow bone to make your arches really pop.


Well-moisturised skin makes your legs look longer instantly


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Sure, supermodels have legs way longer than most of us, but we can all fake the illusion of longer gams instantly by simply ensuring that our skin is smooth and well-moisturised.

Rub a rich moisturiser onto your legs for a natural sheen that will elongate them. And if you really want to go all out, apply an illuminating body gel and focus on your shins for that supermodel effect.