One of the most simple, but still fashionable, hairstyles to go for this festive season is the bobby-pinned reverse pony tail, seen on the runway of Spanish fashion house Victoria & Lucchino.

Known for their dreamy gowns, the fashion house is well-known for thinking outside the box.

First, make sure you have a lot of bobby pins at hand, about 100 per model were used at the Victorio & Lucchino show.

Next, collect your tresses into a not-too-tight pony tail and secure it with a small elastic band, most chemists do budget-friendly versions.

Don’t worry if you have a mid-length fringe or some strands that are too short to fit into the pony tail as pinning is the most important part of the look.

As a matter of fact, this hair style is a blessing to anyone growing out a fringe, which is no mean feat.

Grab the end of the pony tail and secure it as high on the head as possible with a number of bobby pins.

Make sure they run parallel and keep pinning all the way down to the base of the ponytail, making sure pins don’t cross anywhere along the way.

Then pin all of the loose strands, including your fringe, to the sides of the head, keeping them tight but not overly so. Finish with a good amount of medium hold hair spray.

The arty and slightly dark style is best paired with flowing, romantic dresses, as seen on the Victoria & Lucchino runway. © COVER MEDIA