When the weather warms up, our attentions turn to protecting sun-shy winter skin from harmful rays.

Come rain or shine, SPF (sun protection factor) is a must for shielding skin from UV radiation, but if you’ve forgotten all about sunscreen in the past, give yourself a slap on the wrist and then read these latest tips from the MD of UK-based skincare brand Bravura London, Amanda Elias.

The beauty expert insists the best way to treat sun damage and pigmentation is with a chemical exfoliator such as glycolic acid.

Amanda revealed the benefits  “The superficial peel will help to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin which will help to fade the pigmentation and give a boost to the appearance and texture of the skin. Remember to ALWAYS use an SPF daily, even in the winter and to keep topping up your SPF during the day, especially after exercising or swimming.”

UVA is the main cause of premature ageing, and Amanda insists the best way to avoiding damaged skin is wearing an SPF all year round.

She added: “SPF is one of the most important skincare treatments you can use, if you don’t use an SPF daily then no matter what amazing treatments you have, you’re not actively fighting the ageing process.”

The beauty expert also revealed the best way to get a gorgeously glowing complexion 365 days a year. She said that a common misconception by those with problem skin is to assume the strongest spot preventers are the best. She said breakouts are best managed by maintaining a carefully constructed skincare regime.

“If you experience breakouts, the strongest product isn’t always the best. Using a product that’s too harsh for the skin will not only cause irritation but it will stimulate the skin to produce excess sebum (the skin’s natural oil) which in turn can then clog the pores,” she explained.

“Ensure that you cleanse and tone your skin twice a day, if you wear make-up always cleanse twice to ensure all traces of make-up have been removed. Follow with a treatment that contains a BHA to help to exfoliate the skin and unblock the pores.” –© Cover Media