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Revitalise hardworking eyes with this anti ageing eye cream

Puffy eyes don’t stand a chance against this cooling metal applicator to massage eye cream into skin, what's more the formula smoothes out fine lines and works over time to rejuvenate tired skin

Depuff and revitalise eyes with the new KENZOKI Belle De Jour Sacred Lotus Eye Contour. It contains three different powerful anti ageing ingredients, including the Sacred Lotus extract, for an effective anti ageing effect to smooth out fine lines and reduce puffiness. 

The melting texture of the serum-cream is quickly absorbed into skin after gently massaging into the eyelid area with the cooling metal tip applicator. The Sacred Lotus scent is very relaxing as you massage the product in. 

As a bonus, you can also apply this on the lip contour area to revitalize the similarly thin skin around the mouth.


Massage technique:

  1. Pump out just the right amount of the serum-cream and apply onto eyelids using the refreshingly cool metal tipped applicator.
  2. Keep the pressure light (the skin around your eyes is very delicate) and start with the lower eyelid.
  3. Gently massage using small circular motions from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the outer corner of eyes.
  4. Repeat this step on the upper eyelids.


For a cooling wakeup call for tired and puffy eyes, keep the tube in the fridge. The metal tip applicator will be extra cold and feel extremely refreshing.

Besides using this eye cream in the mornings and evenings, you can also use this as a quick perk-me-up before heading to dinner or drinks post work. It works best if you use a tapping motion (so you don’t disturb eye makeup) from the inner corners outwards to the outer corners of eyes. The cooling metal tip soothes tired eyes strained from a whole day of staring at the computer screen.

KENZOKI Belle De Jour Sacred Lotus Eye Contour, $99, is available at Sephora stores.