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What our beauty team really thinks of Kiehl’s Love Oil For Lips

It's a nourishing treatment that has the high shine of a gloss without the stickiness, but how well does it work?

There are days when our lips need just a little more pampering and our favourite lip balms just don't cut it. So when Kiehl's launched its Love Oil For Lips, formulated with a blend of coconut oil, moringa oil, and acerola cherry extract to protect, nourish and give lips a healthy shine, the Her World beauty team had to try it out. Here's what we really think about this new lip oil. 

Melissa's verdict

Price & Packaging ♥♥♥♡♡
"My first thought was that $28 for such a slim tube of lip oil isn't worth the price, until I actually tried it and it transformed my dry lips instantly. I would also have preferred a sponge applicator tip that would allow me to spread on the oil better. However, I do realise that with this liquidy oil, all the product might just get absorbed by a sponge tip."
The lowdown
"It's the lightest, most lip-smoothing oil I've ever tried. Plus, it immediately softens lips. Pick one of the coloured ones for a lovely tint. The sheen lasts for a couple of hours before needing a touch up. I'm wearing Neon Pink."

Kayce's verdict

Price & Packaging ♥♥♥♡♡
"The price is a little higher than average, but I do love how the product's slim tube packaging makes it easy to slip it into any one of my smaller pouches."
The lowdown
"The lip oil is just thick enough to glide on lips, not too runny to be messy. It doesn't feel tacky and gives lips that healthy, juicy sheen. It also softens and keeps my lips moisturised the whole day. I wear the Midnight Orchid shade (the darkest of the lot) on its own to get a nice pinkish tint."

Chelsea's verdict

Price & Packaging ♥♡♡♡♡
“I’ll be first the admit that $28 for a small tube of lip product seems quite a bit much – considering how the utilitarian the packaging looks."
The lowdown
“While I'm not a fan of the price or packaging, the product itself is lovely. It’s an oil, but doesn’t go on greasy, or leave your lips looking like you’ve just had a bucket of KFC (all by yourself). Instead, the oil-gloss texture is silky and glides on smoothly, coating my lips in a juicy, kissable tinted sheen. I like wearing the shade Apothecary Cherry just by itself on lazy days. The formula is also feels rather nourishing. Even if it didn't make my lips ultra soft and smooth, it does keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. I keep it by my desk as an SOS gloss in the event a matte lipstick trial doesn’t go well and ends up drying my lips out.”

Letty's verdict

Price & Packaging ♥♥♥♡♡
"I think $28 is reasonable for a lip oil, although I'm not wowed by the packaging. I would have that it came with a proper rabbit's foot applicator."
The lowdown
"It feels great on the lips – very moisturising and it really helps to blur out those pesky fine lines. This lip oil has the perfect consistency – not too thick, not too thin and runny. It also has a slight tint to it so you can actually wear it on its own if you like. My only gripe is the artificial fruity scent. It goes off after a while but it can be quite overpowering when you first apply it. I'm wearing Apothecary Cherry."

Kiehl's Love Oil For Lips comes in five shades, $28 each.