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This $98 rose in a box is actually a gorgeous highlighting powder

Spring 2017 beauty creations are almost here! Is the stunning Lancome La Rose a Poudrer worth the splurge? We find out

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At first glance, it’s a delicate rose nestled in a pretty little retro looking box. But when you look closer, you’ll notice that each petal is coated in a shimmery pearlised powder.

Lancome’s La Rose a Poudrer ($98) is really an illuminating or highlighting powder in the form of a stunning rose. It’s incredibly unique, and off the top of my head the only product it reminds me of is the super luxe Les Merveilleuses Laduree flower petal blush called Face Color Rose Laduree (US$150 from Amazon) that beauty Youtuber Tati reviewed at the start of the year. The difference is that the Laudree one comes in a bigger and more antique looking container, and is made up of individual rose petals covered in a blush. So if you prefer shimmery pretty things, you’re going to like this one a lot more.

The petals in this box are a lot stiffer than I expected, but I imagine it’s necessary in order to keep the finely-milled pearlised shimmer in place. It’s worth noting that there doesn’t seem to be as much product as you would expect in a regular highlighting compact product, because once the coating from the petals is used up the product is finished (both the top and underside of the petals are coated in the highlight). That said, it truly is a collectible item and will probably be the prettiest thing we see all year.

The highlighting shimmer itself is quite a cool-toned white, but it gives a very subtle illuminating result. To use it, you could swirl a fan brush or small blush or highlighting brush across the petals, and then apply it to your cheeks as you normally would, but don't expect a stark strobing highlight.

Because the petals are quite stiff, you might have to pry apart the petals in the middle of the rose to get at some of the product. That said, if you’re spending 98 dollars on this blush to keep it as a collectible, you’re better off leaving it intact. I would suggest remembering to cover it up when you aren’t using it so the petals don’t collect any dust, or keeping it in a clear container so you can still admire it. 

Lancome's La Rose a Poudrer will be available from January 2017 at all Lancome counters and


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