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I lost my vacial virginity and here's everything that went down (pun intended)

If you’re not quite sure whether you’re ready for a deep V dive, here's what you can expect every step of the way

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I’m no stranger to a bikini wax or a cheeky session of groin sugaring...but what I’ve never enjoyed (or endured) before is a (V)acial.

I had (V)acial virginity taken last month when I visited Sugar(ed) at Katong to get myself a facial for my vagina.

So what exactly is a vacial? A vacial has been created to offer our intimate areas some much needed TLC particularly in between hair removal treatments, or even just for some extra care...because why not.



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You see, our sensitive parts are just that...sensitive. The surrounding skin after hair removal is prone to ingrown hairs, shaving rashes, sore red spots or those really bad ingrown hairs that are underneath the top layer of skin and hurt like hell, but you can’t get to them.  You've also then got to deal with sweat glands in this area and the rubbing of the skin day in, day out on your underwear too. The vacial's aim is to exfoliate, soothe and calm the vagina area to alleviate any issues caused by some or all of the above.

Many vacials vary in the process but at Sugar(ed) it’s a six-step treatment that lasts around 30 minutes, and Sugar(ed) uses the products from the Alexandria Professional range.



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1. Cleanse

The therapist uses Presept Skin Cleanser™ and wipes it over the area in order to cleanse the skin of oil and dirt whilst leaving soothing hydration.


2. Exfoliate

The key to getting those pesky ingrown hairs out is to exfoliate the skin. This applies to anywhere on your body, by the way. Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells and encourages hairs to break through the skin to the surface. So a sea salt scrub (or a sweet scrub) is applied by the therapist to the surrounding areas, rubbed into the skin and then, with a warm cloth, wiped away once dissolved into your skin.

Before you worry, as I did, that perhaps this may leak into your, ahem, very intimate part and cause you issues, it is purely on the outer area and all products used are organic and safe even for the most sensitive skin.


3. Steam

Once the top layer has been successfully exfoliated away, the pores of the skin need to be opened up with a hot towel to help steam the impurities out and make sure your skin is as clean as possible.



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4. Extract

This is where the therapist grabs a pair of tweezers and has a really close look at your lady part. She basically finds any of the hairs that are in danger of becoming ingrown or are already ingrown but she can extract. It will probably get a little weird to have another woman tweezing your lady garden, but if it gets the job done and avoids future ugly and sore red bumps, then I am all for it.


5. Soothe

Once the sea salt has been used and your stray hairs removed, your therapist then mixes up the mud treatment and using a brush, paints the mud pack on. Mud Puddle is an all-natural Hungarian mud, rich in essential minerals and collagen. This multi-purpose rejuvenating treatment helps with ingrown hair problems, treats facial blemishes and improves skin texture. She covers you up in a towel and leaves you to lie there, legs akimbo, as your mud mask gets to work. You can either use this downtime to stalk your ex on social media or, meditate and relax...choice is yours.



6. Treat

And so, after she’s wiped the mud away and left you feeling somewhat exposed but fresher than fresh, the final stage is to treat the skin area to ensure the hard work pays off for as long as possible. Using Phenomen-all™ Skin Repair balm, the therapist will heat it up in between her hands and just blend into the skin. This balm replenishes moisture, calms irritation, and softens skin cells to help relieve ingrown hairs.


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My verdict post treatment? I typically suffer from ingrown hairs post-hair removal and this (V)acial made a world of difference for me. My hairs grew back easier and I’ve had next to no ingrown hairs and the area in general seems just that little brighter.

Whilst vacials certainly are not a ‘must have’ in between hair removal sessions, nor are they the only way to ease ingrown hairs or bumps, treating yourself every now and then to a little lady garden pampering will definitely make you feel extra spruced.

What's more, Sugar(ed) have a 20 per cent discount promotion on their (V)acials at both of their branches at Katong and Bukit Timah from now until the end of this month, so all the more reason to give yourself some extra love!



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