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Tried and tested: Foundations that make your skin look #myskinbutbetter

Nothing that's going to look like a mask on your face, but rather, lightweight, breathable finishes

Tried and tested: Foundations that make your skin look #myskinbutbetter

Photo: Showbit

Having a foundation with a skin-like finish doesn't necessarily mean it's full-coverage.

Because let's face it - our skins aren't perfect. We have texture, we have pores (some bigger than others, and that's fully normal), and we have blemishes. Which is why having a foundation with a skin-like finish doesn't mean covering up every single flaw; just ask any makeup artist - less is more, and if you're going to pile on the foundation, you're going to end up with a flat, cake-y face with no dimension.

These foundations that we've shortlisted won't be the ones that can magically take away all your flaws. What they can do though, is even out your skin tone, and blur blemishes. They're sheer, lightweight, and spreadable. They blend away to nothing without looking like you have makeup on. The effect: your skin, but better. 

This article first appeared in the November issue of Her World magazine.