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These customisable sheet masks are your new facial quickie

Get selfie-ready skin with these anti-ageing, lifting, calming, purifying and brightening masks

Multi-masking, or the act of using multiple face masks on different areas of your face for a more customised solution was a huge skincare trend last year, so it’s only fitting that local premium skincare brand Skin Inc has taken it to the next level.  

Its new Multi-Masking Facial In A Flash Sheet Mask Series comprises three different types of sheet masks that are separately packaged for the top and bottom halves of your face. The masks are made of a unique hydrogel infused with various luxurious metals like gold and platinum for a number of skincare benefits, and they look just as flashy as they sound, making them selfie-perfect as well.

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skin inc facial in a flash mask series - black gold calm detox mask singapore

The first mask is a Black Gold calming detox mask to soothe and purify the skin. It’s packed with purifying charcoal and gold, vitamin C and plant extracts to calm particularly inflamed skin.

skin inc facial in a flash mask series - platinum get glowin brightening mask singapore

Second, a Platinum mask for brightening and radiance has vitamin B3, brightening floral extracts and of course platinum. Think of it as a more potent booster version of the brand’s Get Glowin’ serum.

skin inc facial in a flash mask series - rose gold anti ageing lifting mask singapore

Last of all is an anti-ageing and lifting Rose Gold mask packed with vitamin A, rose and floral extracts to really plump your skin.

You can mix and match the masks as desired, depending on which area of your face needs a specific solution. For instance with my skin, the lower half of my face is more acne-prone and congested, so I used the Black Gold calm and detox mask, while the upper half of my face is typically duller and in need of some brightening and radiance.

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skin inc facial in a flash mask series - singapore 3

The best thing about these masks, is that they perfectly complement the brand’s handheld Optimizer Voyage LED skincare device, which lets you switch between red, yellow and blue lights for repairing and boosting collagen, reviving dull skin, and soothing sensitive or congested skin. So if you’ve already got the device, you can customise it to the particular mask you’re using to further boost the skincare benefits of the mask. Plus, the device glides effortlessly across the hydrogel masks meaning you don’t have to worry about using more of your Skin Inc Daily Dose serum for optimum benefits.

The sheet masks fit your face really well and actually cling to your skin so you don’t have to worry about them falling off as you do other things. And they look almost too pretty to throw away after.  

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skin inc facial in a flash mask series - bento set singapore

As for the price point, it’s not in the affordable range, but not as exorbitant as the $45 sheet mask we reviewed a year ago. You get three sets of top and bottom halves for $48, and you can opt to purchase them according to your specific skincare needs, or get the Bento Set (pictured above) that gives you a set of each type. It works out to $16 a mask, which isn’t all that bad if you consider that it’s like a mini facial for your skin. While you might not want to splurge on this weekly, it’s perfect for special date nights or a big occasion, or when you feel like pampering yourself. You can shop the masks on


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