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Beautiful artisan chocolates or luxury handcrafted bath products?

From hand soaps that resemble real roses to cleansers that look like marbled white chocolate, it’s hard not to fall in love with this Singapore brand

best custom handmade gifts soaps luxury artisan soaps bath body beauty singapore - sandome cura

Singaporean entrepreneurs are an impressive bunch. Between the beauty brands that have popped up and succeeded on a massive global scale (way to go, Skin Inc and Allies of Skin), and the cafes or Instagram bakeries that sell the most exquisite of creations, there is lots of local talent to be proud of.

Enter the launch of a new Singaporean brand that has seemingly combined the worlds of desserts and beauty with a ravishing range of natural and luxurious handcrafted bath and body products.

Sandome Cura specialises in artisan soaps, and we have to agree that they all look incredibly realistic and damn near good enough to eat (which really messes with your mind sometimes). The products are created in collaboration with expert handcrafters from around the world, and the brand appears to be fully dedicated to producing luxurious and sophisticated products to elevate your bath or shower experience.

best custom handmade gifts soaps luxury artisan soaps bath body beauty singapore - sandome cura

We were sent a set of their classic artisan soaps ($42.90 for a set of 4) ( and quite frankly, the products are so beautiful we could hardly bear to use them at all. The little nuggets are exactly like what you’d expect artisan chocolate from a French boutique in France to look, complete with marbling and bits of gold ‘garnish’.

What is almost as impressive as the presentation is that these soaps are made with quality ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil and essential oils, for a whole host of skincare benefits. We’d single out the classic artisan soaps which, depending on the essential oils you choose (did we mention Sandome Cura’s products are highly customisable), are touted as anti-ageing, anti-fungal, great at removing makeup, collagen-boosting, and even antimicrobial.

best custom handmade gifts soaps luxury artisan soaps bath body beauty singapore - sandome cura

Some of the other products are created to look like cookies, roses, chocolate-dipped strawberries, pastel soft-serve ice cream cones and even macarons.

While the items are a little pricey for how perishable they are, there’s no denying the appeal of a little bathtime luxury. The soaps make the perfect little gifts, whether you’re throwing a party or just want to treat your friends and loved ones to something special. The brand does customisation for everything from individual gifts to corporate events, and we can’t wait to see what other tasty-looking bath products they come up with in the months ahead.

Since the website is newly launched, they’ve got some great discounts on offer so head over and shop the selection yourself at


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