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8 blushers for a healthy, radiant look this Valentine's Day

You’ll want to look like a (lightly) blushing beauty for good reason…because love is in the air


Photo: Showbit

One of the easiest way to instantly look healthy and radiant is with blusher. They’re easy to apply, are low-commitment, and (good ones) require little to no touching up at all. A step often undermined in our makeup routine, there are actually many ways that you can work your blusher to fit your look. 

Flushed cheeks make for an easy-breezy-dreamy look, while just-pinched ones can look flirty. Healthy, rosy ones with a subtle sheen are always a #yes - they quickly brighten up your complexion for a cheeky look.

And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, if you’re not one for a romantic smoky eye, or a bright red lip - the next best way to soak up the love vibes on Feb 14 is with blusher.

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