Beauty Picks

Double duty lippies packed with moisturisers and sunscreen to save you time

Not just a lipstick or a lip balm, reach for these goodies that add colour to lips and come with skincare and lip conditioning benefits

Whether you’re rocking a full glam look or a no-makeup-makeup look, having some colour in your lips is a must. No doubt. We’re uber lucky to have an endless variety of lipsticks – gorgeous pink mattes, striking red creams, golden metallics and orange glosses. The list goes on and on with a mid-boggling range of finishes.

It’s fun to be able to wear different types of lipsticks, but continuous wear (of even the same colour or finish) can cause your lips to feel lesser than tip top. The skin on your lips is naturally thinner and so their natural moisture can be stripped off easily, leaving them feeling somewhat raw. Your lips could get chapped and your lipstick application wouldn’t be as smooth.

Switch up your lippie game to incorporate some hardworking lippies every now and then to keep your pout looking great. 'Cos, who has time for an elaborate lip care routine all the time to keep your puckers supple? 

So here, we’ll show you a few lip products (with a tad or a lot of colour) that’ll do your lips some good while making them look awesome.