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You need to pack these convenient skincare products for your upcoming vacation

Forget the hassle of transferring products into flight-friendly bottles, or worse, taking up precious baggage space with all your jars and bottles that should be used for souvenirs. Check out these 10 convenient skincare products for your next trip

We are advocates for diligently sticking to your skincare regime, even when you are travelling. From dehydrating cabin air to environmental pollution to different strengths of UV exposure, your skin takes a major hit when exposed to all these different conditions. Those of you blessed with less sensitive skin might get away with dullness or a few manageable zits here and there, but for those who aren’t, well, let’s just say it’s not fun coping with skin that is freaking out while trying to enjoy a glass of rosé by the Eiffel Tower.

Prevention is definitely crucial here, but relax, we’re not saying you have to pack along your entire 10-step regime – save that precious real estate for gifts and souvenirs. Instead, swap out some of your products with these 10 multi-tasking/single use skincare gems that will leave both your skin and your luggage allowance very happy.