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9 matte lipsticks that will keep your lips moisturised for hours

Crumbly matte lipsticks are a thing of the past. No more dry, peeling lips with these pigmented hues that will guarantee comfort throughout the day

Best Matte Lipsticks That Will Not Dry Out Your Lips

Photo: Unsplash


Ever encountered a case of dehydrated lips? You step out of the restaurant after lunch to check on your makeup and you discover the horrible mess that is your lips. It's dry, it's flaky and the pigments might even be bleeding on the inner corners. That is why for the longest time, matte lipsticks and lip balms go hand in hand. But it doesn't always have to be the case as brands are now developing shades that not only stay put after a greasy lunch, but layers comfortably on your lips. So much so that you can now skip your lip balm and not worry about any flaking.