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Don’t like wearing perfume on your skin? Try hair perfumes instead

Who says perfume was exclusively for the skin? Freshen up with these hair perfumes that will moisturise, reduce frizz and add shine, all while leaving behind an alluring scent that lasts. After all, scent sticks to your hair better than skin

Photo: Ice Preechaya/Instagram 

Not everyone has the type of skin that soaks up a scent enough to leave a vapour trail behind them prompting a wake of “you smell lovely” compliments. Also, you could love a certain scent, but your skin could shy away from it in horror when it comes in contact with alcohol present in the perfume. Enter hair perfumes.

This particular type of fragrance is intended solely for your locks and is a great alternative for those with sensitive skin that gets irritated on contact with fragrances. And, because hair is porous by nature, the scent tends to linger even longer than it does on skin. For that same reason, using conventional alcohol-based perfume made for your body on your hair can be drying and damaging.

Spray the hair perfume directly on your hair or onto a brush for extra shiny, perfumed hair. Also, you can use it on both dry and damp hair. Since heat may alter the scent of your hair perfume, it’s best to use hair fragrances as a finishing product, after heat-styling.

Now that you know exactly how to use hair perfumes, here are some of the best hair perfumes that delicately fragrance hair and as a bonus, multitask to give added volume, shine and texture. You can also match your signature perfume to your hair perfume so the scent lasts all day.