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The best makeup for perfectly-groomed arches

Because shaping your best brows eyebrows isn't simply about hair removal, it's also about styling. Here are some of our favourite eyebrow products out in the market

Photo: Benefit/Instagram 

Do you notice how different you can look before and after you get your brows groomed? This is because eyebrows help frame your features and can help to give the illusion of lifted lids or even complement your face shape. And while many of us rely on professionals to shape and trim our brows monthly, we are left with our own devices to recreate my ideal brow shape pretty much most of the time. But there should be no excuse for poorly shaped brows because there are so many readily available products in the market that we can rely on to get our game face on. Here, 6 tried and tested brow products that beauty editors swear by for perfect arches:


Best Liquid Brow Product: MAKE UP FOR EVER Brow Liner, $36

Perfect for filling in sparse brows, this promises the precision and high-intensity pigments of a liquid liner to achieve perfectly-defined brows. Following the direction of hair growth, use the ultra-soft application tip to draw short strokes. Once it sets, it is smudge proof and lasts all day throughout humidity and sweat.


Best Brow Palette: Make Up Store Premium Tri Brow, $47

With two complementary shades and a brow wax to help hold errant hairs in place, this nifty palette has everything you need to create any brow look you desire, from natural to intense. Apply with an angled brush for ultimate precision and blend with a spooley brush. 


Best Brow Gel: Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, $42

If you have fine hairs and want to give your arches a fuller look, try this volumising brow gel. Inspired by thickening mascara, this contains tiny microfibres that cling onto your existing brow hairs, instantly giving the illusion of thicker and fuller brows. The specially designed brush is just the right size and even has two sides for building intensity and blending.


Best Waterproof: Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof, $59

With a waterproof brow pen on one end and a spiral brush on the other, this versatile product is all you need for foolproof application. Use the fine tip to pencil in sparse spots in short and feathery strokes before using the flat side to build intensity. Finally, use the brush to comb through brows in an upward motion to blend out any harsh strokes or unevenness and you’ll have impeccably groomed brows that last all day.


Most Versatile: Shu Uemura Hard Formula, $33

One of Shu Uemura’s iconic products, this uniquely shaped brow pencil gives you the precision and intensity of a brow pomade or a liquid brow product, the ease of use of a pencil and the function of a spiral brush. Thanks to its knife-shaped lead, you can create tiny strokes to mimic the appearance of natural hairs, increase the intensity of your brow colours, as well as blend out the colours with just one product. It also lasts through sebum, humidity and sweat for long-lasting brow perfection.