Beauty Picks

A beauty writer’s everyday budget beauty essentials for the office

These are the beauty essentials I absolutely can’t live without! The budget-friendly bonus? They’re all under $25 a pop

#1 Body lotion

singapore office budget beauty essentials vaseline spray moisturiser

It’s too hot outside to moisturise after a morning shower – no one likes stepping out into Singapore’s heat blanket with greased up limbs. No matter how non-greasy your moisturiser is, you’re going to feel just a tad gross. I prefer to keep my moisturiser on my office desk and use it before I start work. At least that way I’ve got the air-conditioning to keep me feeling cool and dry.

Vaseline’s spray moisturiser ($13.90) is still my go-to fuss-free choice because I spray it on, rub it in and I’m done with both legs in under a minute.

#2 Spray-on sunscreen

singapore office budget beauty essentials loreal paris uv perfect city mist spray sunscreen

Even if I apply sunscreen on my face before I leave the house, I prefer to reinforce it before I head out for lunch. A spray is my favourite way to layer on more sunscreen – it’s especially useful when you don’t want to disturb the skincare and makeup you already have on your face. You can even spray your neck and any other exposed areas with ease before heading out to lunch. The L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Advance City Mist ($24.90) has great sun protection and its watery texture means it dries super fast and you don’t feel greasy. Best bit? It’s also small enough to throw in your handbag!

#3 Blotting sheets & powder

singapore office budget beauty essentials innisfree no sebum mineral powder

If you’ve got oily or combination skin like me, you probably already carry blotting sheets in your handbag at all times. They’re especially important if you’re headed out after work and don’t want to reapply your makeup. When blotting isn’t enough, I like using a fine powder like Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder ($10) to really mattify the skin without making it look dry.

#4 Makeup wipes

singapore office budget beauty essentials biore cleansing oil cotton sheets makeup wipes

Even if you aren’t taking your makeup off during the day, makeup wipes come in handy when cleaning up makeup smudges or reapplying dark lipsticks. For me, walking around the office with my hand full of eyeliner or lipstick swatches has become something of a norm, especially since I’m quite forgetful. But when I do get around to removing it, I prefer to reach for a makeup wipe. It saves time and is really effective if you’ve got a good brand of wipes on hand. I’ve been a fan of Biore’s makeup wipes for a while now and the Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets ($17.90 for 44 sheets) are effective yet very gentle on the skin.

#5 Face mist

singapore office budget beauty essentials face mist thermal spring water

Things get really dry in an office environment, and if you don’t have the luxury of a little humidifier near your desk, your face is going to look dehydrated after a few hours. You don’t need a fancy face mist to get the job done – a simple thermal spring water from Avene or La Roche-Posay (from $10.10 for 50ml) is really affordable and effective, not to mention a great way to perk yourself up when you get sleepy after lunch. Just make sure you blot your face gently with a tissue after spritzing on the mist as letting the droplets air-dry can dehydrate your skin further.

#6 Lip balm

singapore office budget beauty essentials Nivea Hydro Care Lip balm

In much the same way that different people have different skin types, some of us have drier lips than others. Nothing ruins your lipstick application faster than dry or chapped lips! If you aren’t exfoliating them regularly, the least you can do is keep them moisturised throughout the day. I’ve been using Nivea’s Hydro Care lip balm ($6.20) for the past year and must say that it’s really moisturising, lightweight and the hydration lasts for quite a while.