The Sakura has been a symbol of Japanese beauty for a long time, just like as the rose represents beauty in the West.

Here, we take you on a beauty journey around the world to discover five destinations in a new light – how they are iconic for beauty and to discover their award-winning beauty products.

Read on to find out more about Switzerland.

Famous For: The Swiss Alps, Thermal spring waters, Chocolates, tennis player Roger Federer and Horology (or watchmaking)

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Similar to Japan, Switzerland is also well-known for its thermal spring water. So do as the Swiss and indulge in a “wellness weekend” by booking yourself time in a spa like the La Réserve in Geneva, Sole Uno Wellness in Basel or Clinique La Prairie in Clarens, because self-care is just as important as diligently following a daily skincare routine.

Fun fact… did you know that Switzerland boasts the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants, with a total of 128 as of 2019? This means it retains its title as the country with the highest density of top-class restaurants per capita in the world. In addition, the overall number of Michelin-recognised restaurants in Switzerland is now at a whopping number of 1,007.

For foodies, a trip to Switzerland will not be complete without a visit to two of the top three-starred restaurants, Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier near Lausanne and Schloss Schauenstein in the small town of Fürstenau that sits 650m in the mountains of Graubuden. New two-starred restaurants to check out on your next trip includes Focus located at the Park Hotel in Vitznau, within central Switzerland, and Pavillon in the country’s capital, Zurich.

Beauty Standards

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Surrounded by three large European countries (France, Italy and Germany), Switzerland is uniquely placed and is influenced from each in its Swiss beauty philosophies.

Pragmatic and meticulous, that sums up how Swiss women view beauty. Skincare is top priority while makeup is practical and minimal. When it comes to product selection, clean or multi-functional products are preferred, but Swiss women are also inclined to invest in products that boast advanced technology to enhance efficacy. Beauty routines are kept simple and clean, complying with the country’s classic and low maintenance driven vibe, and with hydration for both face and body, as the focus.

In addition, while Swiss women have no qualms about using effective drugstore products (thanks to the easy access to French pharmaceutical brands), they also pay attention to high quality ingredients. Along with its advanced technology, Swiss beauty products are well-known for featuring innovative products that include some of the best ingredients available such as plant stem cells in their anti-aging serums.

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Switzerland is also well-known for its unparalleled scenery thanks to the Swiss alps and lakes that can be found across the country. And with all that in one’s backyard, it’s no wonder the Swiss are the ultimate weekend warriors as they hit the trails or indulge in outdoor sporting activities at every chance they get.

All that fresh air combined with endorphin-boosting activities not only keeps them physically fit but also contributes to a healthy and naturally radiant complexion.

Did You Know…?

Swiss drinking water is a true product of the country’s natural resources — natural springs, groundwater and lakes, and has been said to actually consist of a more balanced ecology than most bottled mineral water you can find. And as nearly every celebrity has cited drinking water as one of the key secrets to a glowing complexion, we say, drink up on your next trip.

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